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Jordan: IMU Manager

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: Syrian American Medical Society Foundation
Country: Jordan
Closing date: 14 Dec 2017

The information management unit manager will be responsible on supervision of collecting data for all SAMS projects. He\ She will be responsible on Providing program department with information management services for key decision-making. He\ She will work on initiating, coordinating, and enforcing systems, policies, and procedures. He\ She will secure Utilizing best practice, innovation and technical expertise in all areas of information management.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Data Management and analysis:**

· Prepare monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports for donors and SAMS, in conjunction with Programs and M&E departments.

· Generate timely and useful reports (narrative report), presentations and other data analysis/visualization products that meet donor and SAMS needs for better program learning, decision-making and accountability.

· Managing and securing patient records in line with the Ministry of Health, HIPAA and WHO mandates for electronic storage of patient information.

· Ensure that patient records are accurate and complete for research or quality management.

· Establish any specialized operating procedures and guidelines needed to comply with the SAMS policies and national laws and regulations relating to data integrity, security, and confidentiality by users of data for which they are responsible.

· Assist key decision-making with: data collection, analysis and information dissemination;

· Develop, maintain and continuously update information management.

· Ensure accurate inputting of data received from various sources and partners into database.

· Maintain and further develop the structure or format of the database as required, incorporating ideas and amendments from the programs.

· Recruit, develop and retain high performing Information Team.

· Collaborate with Programs and M&E Deps. To implement implementation and monitoring activities, including: collecting and analyzing data, guaranteeing quality data and reviewing reports.

· Coordinate with other INGOs regarding needs assessment, IDP’s or any urgent medical situation.


· Participate, as needed, in regular meetings with our donors and partners in Jordan to deal with challenges, discuss the latest field updates inside Syria and our mutual projects.

· Participate in Health Cluster regular meetings.

· Maintain regular contact with health facilities in south of Syria to determine needs and to discuss challenges.


· Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, information Management, Computer Science, or Medicine.

· 5+ years of experience in relevant position.

· Experience in working with cross-border projects is preferable.

· Medical background is preferable.

· Excellent communication and influencing skills.

· Politically and culturally sensitive with qualities of patience, tact and diplomacy.

· The capacity and willingness to be extremely flexible and accommodating in difficult and sometimes insecure working circumstances.

· Able to work under pressure; delegate tasks.

· Works well in teamwork, comfortable in a multi-cultural environment, flexible.

· Ability to supervise his\her team, support and motivate them.

· Fluency in Arabic and English is required

· Excellent Computer skills: MS Word, Excel and any other program specific to data collection.

How to apply:

Please submit your resume and cover letter to Include in the subject line: IMU Manager |Jordan office