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Iraq: Education/Child Protection Project Manager – Iraq (Mosul) / Kurdistan region of Iraq

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: Triangle Génération Humanitaire
Country: Iraq
Closing date: 15 Dec 2017

Presentation of TGH

"Actor in a sustainable and shared solidarity"

Born in 1994 from the desire to develop a cross-disciplinary and sustainable expertise, TGH is an International Solidarity Organization designing and implementing emergency, post-emergency and development programmes in collaboration with national and international partners (local CBOs, line ministries) through the identification and mobilization of local skills and resources.

Its action is based on a professional and highly interactive operating mode including several areas of expertise within a comprehensive approach: the programs fall within the fields of water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH), civil engineering (Shelter), food security, rural development (Livelihood), socio-educational and psychosocial (Protection). In 2017, its committed teams operate in 10 countries and manage 43 programs.

Presentation of the mission

TGH worked in Kurdistan from 1995 to 1999 in the education and agriculture sectors to support refugees from Turkey. TGH is officially registered and operational in KRI and Iraq. In 2013, TGH reopened a mission in Kurdistan and conducted several projects in Erbil: WASH in schools, Winterization distribution, Education and psychosocial support. Additionally and more recently, TGH is supporting Iraqi IDPs in three camps of Ninewa Governorate with child protection services and education in emergencies. TGH has also been conducting and still developing livelihood activities towards vulnerable returnee households in rural Tel afar / Hamdaniya districts.

Child protection and support to adolescents

Since 2013 TGH has been supporting IDP/refugee and host communities in urban/out-of-camp settings in Erbil Governorate, providing child protection and education in emergencies activities.

Mosul, captured by Daesh in June 2014, has been officially liberated in August 2017, after 10 months of battle, which lead hundreds of thousands of people to flee the area and to seek refuge in several camps for displaced in the areas under the control of Iraqis and Kurds forces, where TGH is currently providing child protection services. Despite an important level of destruction, in terms of infrastructures as well as for private houses, the population is progressively coming back and the city is slowly coming back to life. In this context, TGH has led a needs assessment in the eastern part of the city, the first to be freed from Daesh influence, and offering as for today a level of relative security allowing us to consider the set-up of stabilization actions. According to representatives from visited neighborhoods, the returnees are coming back despite the lack of basic services, such as access to education. With security and demining, the recovery of basic services is a key factor of the progressive populations’ return and of social and economic recovery. The neighborhoods of Al-Shishan, Al-Mrur, Al-Shikhkiya and Arbajiyah are poor neighborhoods, with an actual estimated population of 3.000 households (including 22% of host community and 62% of displaced, in which 50% come from West-Mosul and wait to be able to rejoin their home). Newly-returned persons represent 16% of the sample, which confirms the return dynamic. Considering the massive destructions and the insecurity in the western part of the city, it’s probable that the cohabitation between host community and displaced persons will continue during the coming months.

TGH’s intervention aims to support all communities, targeting in particular youth and adolescents who have been left out from most of the recent interventions (child protection/education funding focusing mostly on children). A cash for work project will be designed to engage local youth in a cross-community project (rehabilitation of public infrastructure, school etc). A community-based Centre will be set up, proposing activities to youth, supporting vocational training, with the objective to encourage youth engagement in the community, avoiding potential recruitment in armed forces, providing life skills training thereby bridging education gaps, whilst promoting social cohesion and building the resilience of conflict-affect children and youth.

Job description

The overall objective of the Project Manager is to ensure, under the responsibility of the Field Coordinator, the implementation of activities in order to deliver essential services in the sector of Non formal Education and Child protection in the Governorate of Ninewa, Mosul city.

At the technical level, the Project Manager will work with the Child Protection Programme Coordinator, in collaboration with the education-psychosocial Referent based in HQ.

In the absence of the Field Coordinator, her/his direct line manager will be the Child Protection Programme Coordinator.

The main responsibilities include:


She/he ensures the setting up of all Result and activities of the project:

Project title: Enabling access to work opportunities for adolescents and youth as well as child protection services to conflict-affected children in East Mosul

· Duration: 10 months

· Starting date: 1 January 2018

Human Resources

  • She/he provides capacity-building to the project assistant.

  • She/he will be in charge of managing a national team of approximately 8 people.

Logistics and administration

  • She/he makes sure that logistical, administrative and financial procedures linked to programme implementation are established, respected, and alerts her/his superiors if gaps are observed in order that corrective action may be taken.

  • She/he participates in budget follow-up meetings, monitors the efficiency in the implementation of the project activities (adequacy between means and resources allocated) and informs the superior in case of gap

  • She/he assists the logistics department in the preparation of the procurement plan at the beginning of the project and follows the procurement process

  • She/he prepares and monitors the cash forecast related to the project in collaboration with TGH Erbil administrative department.

Internal coordination

  • She/he participates in internal coordination meetings and collaborates with the Child Protection Programme Coordinator.

  • She participates in bi-monthly coordination meetings in Erbil Office and to the monthly technical meeting with the Child Protection Programme Coordinator, other project managers and the Child Protection Technical Advisor.

  • She/he communicates with the Child Protection Programme Coordinator and the technical referent at headquarter level on the project progress, the technical problems faced, the potential risks and proposed solutions.

Representation and external coordination

  • At the request of her/his superiors, she/he represents TGH with donors, partners, local authorities and stakeholders involved in the implementation of they projects.

  • She/he regularly attends and actively participates to the dedicated clusters (Education/Protection)

  • She/he develops and maintains good professional relationships with the MoE, DoE, UN Agencies, & NGOs (national & international).


  • She/he prepares a communication plan for the project

  • She/he provides HQ with photos, success stories (Website, Facebook, and Twitter).


  • She/he participates in writing the intermediate and final reports for donors on Education & Protection programme.

  • She/he participates in writing any possible/future Education & Protection concept note, project proposal.


  • She/he contributes to efforts aimed at ensuring compliance with safety rules at the site, and transmits all information related to safety concerns to her/his line manager.

  • She/he ensures the application/respect the security rules and follow-up of the security guidelines and their update on the sites.


  • She/he contributes to the development of new interventions based on identified needs, especially linked to the sectors and areas of the projects she/he is coordinating.

  • She/he can participate in evaluations/needs assessments according to the needs and mission strategy discussed with Child Protection Programme Coordinator, HoM and headquarters.

  • She/he meets (and/or identifies) with potential local partners (NGOs).

This list of responsibilities could be modified according to the needs in the field.


Country: Iraq – Location: initially based in Erbil with regular presence in Mosul.

Duration: 10 months

Start date: 01 January 2018

Conditions: Salaried contract, gross monthly salary from €1,550 to €2,100 depending on experience, monthly per diem 650US$ medical coverage of 100% + repatriation insurance + provident fund, accommodation, international and local transportation as part of the mission, break every 3 months. More information on, under "Participate".

Family duty station: no.

How to apply:

Applicants are invited to send a resume + a cover letter by mail to the following e-mail address:, to the attention of Laure Maynard, Human Resources Officer