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Organization: World University Service of Canada
Closing date: 15 Nov 2017




Canada has recently launched a new Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP), which seeks to promote gender equality and empower women and girls in all of Canada’s engagements abroad. This is considered to be the most effective approach to reducing poverty and building a more inclusive, peaceful and prosperous world.

Somalia is one of the poorest countries of the world, with over 60 percent of the population living in severe poverty. Somali women and girls are among the most vulnerable and at risk. They suffer from the highest rate of female genital mutilation and one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world. Sexual and gender-based violence and early marriage are prominent.

In line with the new FIAP, Canada is exploring the potential to program in the areas of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), including access to family planning and contraception, other SRHR services such as midwifery, combatting early childhood marriage, female genital mutilation and sexual and gender based violence in Somalia.

Canadian support will be targeted to programming that plugs critical gaps, uses innovative approaches, leverages other donor support, prioritizes sustainability and provides visibility for Canada.


The purpose of the scoping consultancy is to assist Global Affairs Canada (GAC) development program in identifying options for future engagement/programming in SRHR, as described in the background above. More specifically, the scoping exercise would include;

· Analysis: Identification of the current challenges and issues related to SRHR in Somalia

· Gap assessment: Identification and assessment of current gaps in SRHR programing that would align with the government of Canada’s FIAP objectives;

· Partner and initiative identification: Identification of specific potential partners and initiatives that would align well with Canadian objectives and meet the programming requirements, including project value;

· Recommendations: Recommendations to GAC on future programing opportunities within the SRHR space in Somalia.


The scoping exercise will be consultative and participatory, entailing a review of relevant literature, interviews with stakeholders and a gap analysis. As part of the scoping exercise, the consultant will be expected to seek the views of key national stakeholders including Somali Ministry of Health officials designated to lead on SRHR.


The following deliverables will be expected from the Consultant;

· A draft report for discussion and comments by GAC;

· A final report, incorporating comments from GAC and stakeholders, as appropriate.

· A presentation to the GAC Development team at the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya based on the findings of the final report.


The key product expected from this scoping assignment is an analytical report that includes, but is not limited to, the following components:

· Title

· Table of contents

· List of acronyms and abbreviations

· Executive summary

· Introduction

· Description of the scope and methodology

· Key findings and conclusions

· Recommendations

· Annexes

The report should not exceed 12 pages on A4 size paper (12 point Arial/Calibri font).


The assignment will commence immediately upon the signing of contract between FSSP and the winning candidate. The duration of the assignment is up to a maximum of 15 working days to be completed within the shortest time possible following the signing of the contract.


Estimated Level of Effort

Inception meeting with GAC

1 day

Consultations, meetings, interviews with stakeholders and government partners

10 days

Analysis, synthesis and preparation of draft report

2 days

Debriefing and presentation of draft report to GAC

1 day

Finalization and presentation of report

1 day


The Consultant is expected to possess the following qualifications and experience;

· A Master’s degree in health or a health related field, at very minimum;

· Extensive experience conducting scoping studies, with a strong working knowledge of SRHR programing at national and sub-national levels;

· A minimum of 7-10 years’ professional expertise in public health/reproductive health;

· Good knowledge of Somalia national response on SRHR programing;

· Demonstrated analytical, communication and report writing skills.

· Timeline and schedule: ASAP


The successful consultant will need to demonstrate tact and discretion in their dealings with health sector stakeholders. Canada has made no formal commitment to stakeholders engaged in Somalia with regard to funding of SRHR initiatives and it is critical that the actions of the Consultant hired under this consultancy do not raise expectations within the donors, UN, NGOs and Somalia authorities of future support from Canada. The Consultant should also have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and should be able to work independently with little supervision.

How to apply:


Candidates interested in this assignment are encouraged to email a succinct cover letter (not more than 500 words) outlining the candidate’s relevant experience and skills as per the requirements listed above, a CV (maximum of 4 pages) by Wednesday, 15th November 2017, with subject heading “SRHR - Somalia”, showing how the candidate’s background is linked to each item in the mandatory and other desirable competencies and other qualifications to:****.In addition, Candidates;

· Are required to provide a budget with details on their daily fee rate in US dollar equivalent as well as other relevant costs anticipated to be incurred while undertaking this assignment

· Must provide names and contact details of three references,

· Whose documentation confirms they meet the mandatory criteria will be contacted on short notice to assess their technical abilities and knowledge.

Only candidates that meet the mandatory requirements and other key competencies and considerations will be contacted.