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Lebanon: Evidence, Learning & Accountability Manager

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: World Vision
Country: Lebanon
Closing date: 23 Nov 2017


The Evidence, Learning & Accountability (ELA) Manager will provide strategic leadership and guidance in evidence, learning and accountability to World Vision Lebanon’s (WVL) strategies and programs/projects through setting of standardized ELA systems consisting of processes, standards, and tools to ensure quality and accountability to beneficiaries.

This role will ensure objective data is provided on the status and impact of programming and will measure and report the implementation of World Vision Lebanon’s strategy.


% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


  1. Strategy and Program Design

Support the Programme Development & Quality (PD&Q) team in developing a country strategy and strategic Pathways of Change, grants and technical programs (TPs) as well as partner with Field Operations in developing and revising Area Programs (APs), Community Engagement and Sponsorship Plan (CESP)

Country Strategy, TA/TP designs with respective PoC as well as AP redesigns completed with quality plans abiding by DME guidelines and sector standards. CESP and strategy are developed/revised with quality as well.

Lead the process of embedding evidence building in new designs by developing sound data collection and analysis methodologies for Sponsorship and non-Sponsorship funding streams.

All the new designs have clear and sound evidence building methodology reflected in the M&E plans.

Lead/participate in all learning and evaluation events, meetings and trainings

Ensure that DM&E support is provided to the development of grants, including Go/No Go decisions, building of capacity of team in grants M&E, direct coaching, logframe and M&E plan revision, and M&E input provided to narrative.

Capacity of staffs built in terms of setting proper grant M&E system; proposals are submitted with good quality and measurable indicators.


  1. Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting

Lead all the program/project baselines and evaluations nationally

All the program/project baselines and evaluations implemented with quality and on time and generating quality evidence.

Revise M&E guidance including strategy M&E system based on consultative processes according to WV International’s and donors’ standards, expectations and guidelines.

WVL M&E system is set in place in alignment with the National strategy as well as WVI and donor standards and is abided by at a the national level and revised as needed.

Ensure that the structured data population in the Horizon is done in a timely and quality manner

Horizon has the most updated data in the structured format at 99% of the time.

Lead all the program/project monitoring with a due frequency and in full compliance with key requirements of external donors and WV.

All the projects/programs monitored in a timely and quality manner.

Develop and disseminate in a timely manner project/program monitoring reports as well as ensure timely discussion and follow up with the findings in partnership with the Field Operations and Program Development and Quality Directors.

Improved quality programming as a result of timely follow ups with monitoring findings.

Provide technical resources and guidance to Area Managers in planning for annual community review process

Annual community review processes respect quality standards

Lead all M&E processes related to One Syria Response Strategy, including strategy and M&E system and framework revision, coordination with Regional PDQA Lead, administration of strategy measurements, etc.

One Syria Response team is supported and with quality and timely feedback; response strategy measurement is incorporated into WVL M&E system and processes.

Participate in Ops-led process of setting a beneficiary database for all sectors

National beneficiary database is set in place to facilitate reporting on WVL achievements

Lead the development of WVL Child Well Being Report (as per frequency set by GC)

CWBR is well led at National level and submitted with good quality and including all evidence generated showing contribution to the National strategy

Work with PD&Q and Field Operations to evaluate the effectiveness of WVL’s programme approach

Programme Approach evaluated on a regular basis


  1. Accountability to Organisation and Beneficiaries

Conduct strategic analysis of data and provide strategic information to the national director and the core team

Timely, strategic and accurate overview of information and data provided to the core team

Serve as member of the core team, providing data, results and evidence and representing an objective review of what is happening in programmes to influence decisions and corrective actions

Core team informed and influenced according to data and results. Programming strengthened through provision of timely information. Core team operates and makes decisions more objectively based on data and results

Communicate WVL programmatic results and evidence internally and externally to be a voice of accountability and inform the broader organizational accountability.

WVL is accountable to beneficiaries and its strategic choices.

Lead the standardization of a beneficiary accountability system for WVL in alignment with WVI PAF framework and CHS framework.

Beneficiary Accountability guidelines, SOP’s, tools and resources are in place across WVL programming areas.

Provide guidance, resources and capacity opportunities to ELA staff, and review national accountability reports.

WVL Accountability processes and reports respect minimum requirements


  1. Research, Evidence and Learning

Provide technical input and guidance (in terms of research methods) to WVL research initiatives

WVL research projects and initiatives meet minimum research standards and produce high quality evidence.

Incorporate needed processes in ELA system and guidelines to ensure sharing of lessons from M&E and Accountability systems within WVL and with partners and beneficiaries.

ELA findings shared within WVL and with partners and beneficiaries through simple and friendly channels and methods.

Ensure that WVL is building on existing evidence when developing new program/project designs for internal and external funding streams.

New designs are reflective of existing evidence and learning.

Ensure that WVL is producing useful and high-quality evidence and learning on selected domains of change under the strategy’s pathways of change and sector-specific topics of interest, while supporting analysis, trending and interpretation of grants, technical programmes, strategy development and revision, decision making, and stronger positioning of WVL

Evidence-base for Technical Programmes and strategy development/revision is available and used


  1. Miscellaneous

Attend management and external meetings as needed

Information and updates acquired and shared internally.

Undertake other duties as requested by the National Director and/or support provided to other departments

Relevant departments supported, ensuring learning throughout the process.

Conduct quarterly field visits to area programmes

Area programme challenges and progress are acknowledged at higher ELA levels

Abide by the security policies and procedures and report any incidents or breaches to line manager and / or security manager

Security incidents are escalated and managed effectively in coordination with security manager

Attend capacity building events, national coordination platforms and other skill building opportunities

ELA capacity and competency is strengthened; WVL is up to date on ELA developments in country


  1. Team Management

Conduct ongoing management tasks for ELA team, including but not limited to hiring, firing, restructuring, JD amendments, extensions, performance management, etc.

ELA team is well-managed ensuring proper structure, resourcing, vision, plans, training/coaching, and follow-up on performance.

Provide ongoing training and coaching to ELA team, including reviewing documents, providing support/oral feedback on the spot, direct coaching, troubleshooting, giving formal training opportunities, etc.

ELA staffs’ capacities and competencies are strengthened

Oversee/follow-up on practicum placements and internships within ELA team (development of TOR/agreement, coordination with P&C and finance, regular meetings/support provided to intern, review of analysis and reports generated)

Practicum placements and internships are concluded successfully with mutual satisfaction of interns and WVL.


  • Master’s Degree in Social Sciences, International Development Studies, Public Health, Community Development or any relevant professional qualification

  • Proven experience in establishing, managing and implementing a fully functional M&E system in development and humanitarian contexts for an organization that is supported by bilateral & multilateral international donors

  • Established knowledge of Humanitarian Accountability concepts and standards

  • Very good knowledge about research philosophies, principles, statistical definitions, scientific tools and techniques

  • Critical thinking and proven strategic and implementation ability with strong conceptual and analytical skills for planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning

  • Proven experience in implementing qualitative and quantitative approaches (sampling, data collection, management and analysis) to assessment, monitoring and evaluation

  • Proven ability to lead and work effectively with others to achieve results

  • Ability to properly manage ELA personnel and resources effectively

  • Proven networking and representation skills

  • Excellent report writing and information dissemination skills

  • Excellent experience in training, coaching and facilitation

  • Organization, planning, and time management skills

  • Minimum three years’ ELA senior management experience in a relief and/or development NGO with a focus on ELA processes

  • Minimum 2 years in academic research

  • Minimum three years of ELA/M&E team management work experience in a supervisory level

  • Valid driving license (in Lebanon) for more than 2 years is required

  • Excellent written English, with fluency in speaking Arabic and English

  • Demonstrable understanding of concepts and application in organizational learning and knowledge management

  • Demonstrable understanding and experience of gender and diversity issues

  • Good contextual knowledge of local community and social/cultural constraints and realities

  • Understands the application of policy and the impact of decisions

  • Very good understanding of fundraising, relief, development and advocacy issues, including operational consequences

  • The position requires 70% of the time to be office based.

  • The position requires 30% of travel nationally.

  • The position requires ability and willingness to continue to function during a crisis, including during a World Vision response to a manmade or natural disaster.

  • The position requires availability and willingness to work outside regular office hours occasionally.

How to apply:

Interested candidates can apply throughout the following link: