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FY18-040 Freedom from violence and fear Youth Consultation

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: Plan
Closing date: 01 Dec 2017

Youth consultations

Terms of reference to hire a consultant

This document is the terms of reference to hire a consultant to undertake youth consultations on a child’s right to live free from violence and fear.


Plan International has an incredible network of young people across the federation who we work with in our advocacy, governance and programmes. Engaging young people in our work increases our legitimacy and accountability, brings a new perspective and may highlight topics or questions that staff had not considered. Most importantly, however, it is their right as detailed in the Convention on the Rights of the Child to be involved in decision-making that impacts them. One way Plan International does this is through involving young people in the development of our position papers on key children’s rights issues, which influence how we advocate, influence and programme globally.

The IH policy hub has been tasked with developing robust, evidence-based position papers under each Area of Global Distinctiveness in the new Global Strategy.[1] Recognising the importance of having our positions and recommendations rooted in the voices, needs and experiences of children and young people, the policy hub has worked with the youth engagement team to coordinate youth consultations in 3-4 strategically chosen Country Offices. Findings from the consultations have been integrated into the position papers and, where the workshops bring to light new ideas or issues of importance that were not previously identified by the position paper, have shaped the content of the position papers.[2]

The youth consultations have previously taken place in the form of a one day workshop, held in each of chosen Country Offices but shaped by a working group of youth from the Global Youth Advisory Panel.

Project proposal

Proposed youth engagement in the Freedom from Violence and Fear position paper

In line with previous position papers, the policy hub is seeking to carry out youth consultations for the development of the global position paper on a child’s right to live free from violence and fear. These consultations require particular meticulous planning as they will be directly discussing violence issues and so the child protection safeguards must be thoroughly thought through and put in place before, during and after the workshops.
A short-term consultant is required to coordinate, organise and support youth consultations in 3-4 Country Offices[3].

Suggested activities:

  1. Inductions with key people within IH in order to carry out the youth consultations. Familiarisation with existing guidelines, policies and previous examples of effective youth consultations.

  2. Produce a short summary document of the draft position paper and recommendations to share with the working group (see point 4 below).

  3. Identify and agree the 3-4 Country Offices in which we will carry out the youth consultations. This will require emailing the Country Directors, ensuring that they have the capacity in the offices to hold a one day workshop, and provide the suitable child protection support before, during and after the workshops.

  4. Liaising with the Youth Engagement Manager and the Youth Engagement focal points (staff members) in the chosen Country Offices, facilitate peer selection to set up a youth working group of youth from the Global Youth Advisory Panel and from the Country Office.

  5. Hold fortnightly working group skype calls to plan a proposed agenda for the workshops – including running through the key issues in the position paper to identify those of most importance or any gaps, planning activities and ways of approaching questions. Youth engagement and/or Child Protection country focal points must be present on these calls in order to facilitate the call/ respond to any child protection issues that may emerge as a result.

  6. Hold staff calls to run through logistical requirements, budgeting, planning for these consultations. Must ensure clear communication, including ensuring that the group pulled together for consultation are young people under the age of 24. Ensure that COs work within the budget allocated.

  7. Pull together a suggested agenda for Country Offices to adapt and tweak. Liaising with the Research team to ensure that the consultations and approach to violence issues are ethical (this may require their approval of a revised ToR/agenda etc…)

  8. Produce a reporting template for Country Offices to use when feeding back findings from consultations, along with guidelines to ensure consistency.

  9. Work with Policy team to produce an externally facing summary report to be used for advocacy purposes – which summarises the key findings from the youth consultations.


  1. Two page, youth friendly summary of position paper;

  2. One report template and guidelines for use by Country Offices when sending findings from youth consultations;

  3. One external summary report of findings across youth consultations.

Expected length of project

  • This consultancy is expected to continue over 10 -12 weeks, at 1-day / 8 hours per week

  • See below for suggested timeline, pulled from best practice:

Required skills and experiences


  • Strong youth engagement skills – comfortable and confident in hosting calls with young people from across the globe, and from different cultures and different languages;

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with integrity with people from different cultures and backgrounds;

  • Strong coordination skills, and able to work with and around people from different time zones;

  • Flexibility and ability to overcome challenges;

  • Excellent writing skills;

  • Ability to analyse large volumes of information and summarise concisely;

  • Good project management skills;

  • Strong attention to detail, and ability to follow internal policies and guidelines;

  • Ability to work to deadlines and within a budget;

  • Strong written and oral communication in English; Spanish desirable.

  • Capacity to work independently and in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders.

Experiences and knowledge

  • Firm knowledge of and experience in the ethical considerations when carrying out consultations with children and young people on violence issues.

  • Demonstrable youth engagement experience

  • Experience of working for a non-governmental organisation, and understanding of children’s rights issues and the CRC;

  • Familiarity with the issues surrounding violence against children and child protection.

*N.B this consultancy will not include travel to the countries where the consultations are carried out.*

[1] This includes 1) inclusive, quality education 2) skills and opportunities for youth employment and entrepreneurship 3) girls, boys and youth as active drivers of change 4) sexual and reproductive health and rights for girls and young women 5) early childhood development 6) gender-sensitive child protection.

[2] For example, in the position paper on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, the workshops identified the need to include a section on menstruation, which was not previously included in the position paper.

[3] The proposed countries agreed by Leila Asrari (Policy Advisor), Jo Dempster (Child and Youth Engagement Manager) and Mariama Deschamps (Head of Child Protection Policy) are Dominican Republic, Sierra Leone, Malawi and India. These are subject to change.

How to apply:

To apply for the full RFQ dossier please contact

Please quote reference number FY18-040 in all corresponding communications.