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Senior Child and Youth Care Worker

Lily of the Valley provides holistic care for children and youth who have been marginalised through HIV and AIDS and a broken society. Lily of the Valley seeks to appoint a Senior Child and Youth Care Worker, to be based in KwaZulu-Natal. Salary: R6 700 per month before deduction and it’s negotiable. Deductions include PAYE and Unemployment Insurance Fund, there is no pension fund and medical aid. Report to: Senior Social Worker Duration: Three years This is a permanent position Responsibilities: This is a live-in position, the Caregiver Supervisor will reside at Lily of the Valley Children’s Village Improve the level of care and nurture that the children at the CYCC receive Serve as team leader / supervisor to the CYCC caregivers Direct supervision of 20 to 30 Child and Youth Care Workers [18 to 19 permanent, plus relief workers] Skill development and mentoring of CYCW’s Observation of CYCW’s, reinforcing of positive performance, and correction of substandard performance Track and improve CYCW adherence to established standards and goals, and report results to management Set measurable standards and goals for the CYCW’s based on the Children’s Act and Lily policy Take corrective action when goals are not achieved or are resisted; reporting issues to HR as necessary Identify CYCW challenges and concerns effecting morale and performance, and advocate on their behalf Participate in the hiring and promotion process of CYCW staff Facilitate a safe, clean, loving environment for children in our care; showing compassion and understanding Perform your duties in the best interest of the children at all times Work in accordance with Christian principals and ethics Senior Child and Youth Care Worker - Monitor the work performance of CYCW’s to ensure that children receive appropriate, attentive, nurturing care at all times that affirms the child’s value and fosters healing and healthy development. Offer constructive criticism, feedback, suggestions, and praise as appropriate. Communicate the crucial role that CYCW’s play in the healing and development of vulnerable children, in order that CYCW staff will be inspired by the importance and value of their work and develop professional pride and a desire to excel Provide CYCW training and development- Equip CYCW staff with formal training and individual coaching to develop their skills and understanding of caring for children and youth who have suffered trauma, abuse and separation, drawing from your own training and experience, and from outside resources Produce regular performance reviews and individual development plans- Asses each CYCW, noting areas of strength and weakness, and write an individual development plan based on the assessment. Track progress semiannually, or more often as needed. Recognise and celebrate goals reached, and take corrective action when goals are not met, including referrals to the HR Manager for disciplinary action in instances were a good faith effort is not evidenced Liaise between CYCW staff and other Lily staff- Listen and understand the needs and concerns of the CYCW staff, and express these to management and the other Lily staff through established channels in order to increase understanding, cooperation, and unity within the organisation Requirements: Strong organisational and administrative skills Communication and interpersonal relationship skills Problem solving, ability to plan and implement training and incentive programmes Ability to set measurable standards, goals and to ensure compliance with those standards and goals Must have a working knowledge of the Children’s Act, and a thorough understanding of the developmental needs of children and youth Fluency in IsiZulu, and competency in English are required Matric, plus diploma or certification in Child and Youth Care Work Minimum seven years’ experience in Child and Youth Care Work, including CYCC experience after obtaining required certification Supervisory experience, direct supervision of Child and Youth Care Workers preferred Confirmation of current SACSSP registration required Must be a female, age between 40 to 50 years Must be a mature Christian who is able to communicate and model the truths of the Gospel, which are the core values of Lily of the Valley Children’s Village To apply, submit CV to or The organisation provide free accommodation, free water and electricity. It is agreed that you shall manage your working hours suitable to your employment responsibilities. Although the organisation is committed to all employees having a balanced lifestyle, Lily of the Valley is a 24 hours’ operation and may require you to work additional hours and therefore request a level of flexibility. An average working week consists of 42.5 hours per week, usually with Thursday and Friday off; however, days off will vary, as will daily working hours. Work schedule will be set by the Senior Social Worker with input by the Senior Child and Youth Care Worker so that the Senior Child and Youth Care Worker is able to observe each CYCW in all facets of carrying out her duties.