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Short-term Consultant for Public Health Evaluation of UNHCR

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Organization: UN Office of Internal Oversight Services
Closing date: 17 Aug 2018


The United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services Inspection and Evaluation Division (OIOS-IED) is seeking a consultant to assist with its 2018-2019 programme evaluation of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The evaluation objective is to determine, as systematically and objectively as possible, the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of UNHCR public health interventions. As determined by UNHCR, these interventions include primary and secondary health care; HIV prevention, care and control; reproductive health; food security and nutrition; and water, sanitation and hygiene. The background, scope, methods and overall approach of these evaluations are articulated in a detailed inception paper, which will be provided to the selected consultant in conjunction with the terms of reference.

OIOS is an independent office reporting to the Secretary-General and the General Assembly. OIOS-IED focuses on the conduct of independent inspections and evaluations on behalf of the Secretary-General and the Member States. OIOS-IED evaluations and inspections are meant to assist intergovernmental bodies and programme managers in assessing the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of Secretariat programmes. In accordance with its mandate, set forth in General Assembly resolution A/RES/48/218 B (and later resolutions A/RES/54/244 and A/RES/59/272), IED’s role is to help assure Secretariat programmes’ accountability for attaining their mandates, while in the process foster institutional learning and improvement through reflection by programmes and Member States on performance and results.

OIOS-IED’s goal is to produce evaluations that are timely, objective, credible and relevant – and that are therefore used in order to inform key stakeholder decisions in ways that improve programme performance. All OIOS-IED staff and consultants are held accountable for contributing to this end result within their respective roles.

Duration and management of the consultancy

The duration of the consultancy will entail a total of 20 working days on the part of the selected individual, spread over the period 1 September 2018 – 31 January 2019. This period encompasses the data collection and analysis phase as well as the evaluation report drafting.

The consultant will work with the evaluation team and will provide health expertise to strengthen the evaluation analyses and results. The consultant will be tasked with document review and content analysis, and secondary data analysis, to assess the strength and relevance of UNHCR global, regional and country-level health strategies, develop data collection tools to assess clinical environments and outcomes, conduct analyses of health indicator data, and provide inputs to the formulation of evaluation results, among other tasks. The consultant will also be tasked with reviewing and providing written and verbal comments on OIOS-IED outputs at key junctures. These outputs include selected data collection instruments; analysis of collected data; and drafts of the evaluation report. The consultancy will include some or all of the following tasks:

  • Reviewing and assessing key UNHCR and partner health documentation, including health strategies and annual reports;
  • Developing evaluation instruments (e.g., desk review and direct observation tools) and/or reviewing data collection tools involving technical health components;
  • Analysing health indicator data from various UNHCR and partner health information systems;
  • Summarizing the results of collected data in a clear, well-organized manner (e.g., in the form of interview notes, spreadsheets, case study briefing notes or scorecards, and so on);
  • Synthesizing the results of data analysis, through triangulation, into a clear, detailed and evidence-based inputs to the evaluation report outline;
  • Participating in key team discussions at critical junctures in the evaluation; and
  • Drafting section(s) of the evaluation report, including the formulation of clear, cogent and compelling evaluation findings and recommendations.


Consultancy deliverables will be directly related to the tasks above. The consultant is expected to produce analyses according to the evaluation’s data collection plan, which may include the following:

a. A review and analysis of UNHCR’s global, regional and country-level public health strategies;

b. Development of data collection tools requiring health sector expertise, including direct observation checklists of health facilities;

c. Analysis of mortality and morbidly indicators from UNHCR health systems;

d. Review of data collection instruments and data from a health sector perspective;

e. Inputs to the development of evaluation results, findings and recommendations;

f. Assistance in drafting one or more sections of the evaluation report; and

g. Periodic telephone discussions with OIOS-IED on the above deliverables, and other tasks as required.


The consultant should possess the following requirements:

  • MD, doctorate, master’s, or equivalent advanced degree in a field related to health, public health or epidemiology;
  • 10 or more years working in the health sector, preferably in humanitarian and/or displacement contexts;
  • Experience in issues related to refugees, forced migration, and displaced populations; humanitarian aid; and/or protection issues;
  • Experience in evaluation and/or research, including qualitative and quantitative data collection methods;
  • Excellent reading and writing skills in English, particularly the ability to rapidly, clearly and succinctly convey critical comments on key project outputs; knowledge of French, Arabic and/or Spanish is desirable.
  • Ability and availability to promptly review and comment on key project outputs and excellent planning and organizing skills; and
  • Demonstrated track record for working well in a team environment.

Location and travel

This consultancy is expected to be home-based and not require travel. If at the request of OIOS-IED the consultant travels for this engagement, all travel costs will be paid by OIOS-IED.


The total fee remains to be determined, and will be based on a daily rate commensurate with the selected consultant’s experience level. It will be paid in two (2) consecutive installments upon satisfactory completion of the deliverables above.

How to apply:

Qualified candidates must submit a cover letter and CV by Friday, 17 August 2018 to Ms. Mona Fetouh, Evaluation Officer, OIOS-IED at