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UN Jobs / NGO Job Vacancy : United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Humanitarian Adviser (Women and Girls in Emergencies)

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Organization: Palladium International
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Closing date: 17 May 2018

The post holder will:

  1. RESPONSE: Support CHASE HRG to increase uptake of gender, VAWG and safeguarding prevention and response considerations throughout the humanitarian response cycle.

  2. Where DFID responds to a sudden onset or protracted humanitarian emergency, provide technical specialist support on gender, VAWG, SEA, safeguarding and broader protection either as part of the field team or HQ response operations team;

  3. Providing technical guidance on mainstreaming gender equality in DFID humanitarian responses, including leading monitoring and driving accountability of humanitarian partners, as per the International Development (Gender Equality) Act, UK WHS commitments and international best practice;

  4. Supporting the humanitarian cadre, the HSOT consultant database and CHASE staff on VAWG, safeguarding and gender equality, including through recruitment and training;

  5. Integrating VAWG, safeguarding and gender equality considerations into preparedness activities;

  6. Supporting real-time evaluations of humanitarian responses to help ensure that they are responsive to the needs of women and girls; and,

Contribute to learning processes in collaboration with the HA Lessons and learning.

  1. OPERATIONALISING POLICY: Support DFID to deliver on the UK's World Humanitarian Summit and Call to Action commitments to protect women and girls in emergencies by:

  2. Provide expertise and leadership to finalise and roll out revised DFID Technical Guidance Note on VAWG in Emergencies in collaboration with relevant DFID teams;

  3. Support DFID to make the use of Interagency Standing Committee (IASC) Guidelines for Integrating Gender-Based Violence Interventions in Humanitarian Action mandatory in DFID humanitarian programming, including designing an internal communications campaign on their use in conjunction with relevant DFID teams;

  4. Supporting DFID's external engagement through the provision of technical humanitarian support, including with the Call to Action on Protection from GBV in Emergencies platform, the GBV AoR, and the Realtime Accountability Partnership;

Provide guidance to HRG on actions emerging from Gender Audit

  1. PROGRAMMING AND PARTNERSHIP: Offer support to DFID country offices and technical teams to implement gender, VAWG, and protection programming at scale in humanitarian contexts by:

  2. Providing technical advice to shape and support the inclusion of gender and VAWG in the delivery of centrally managed humanitarian programmes;

  3. Providing advisory support to priority country offices (up to 3) on the design, implementation and monitoring of stand-alone and mainstreamed gender, VAWG, and protection programmes; and,

  4. Providing technical support to ongoing and emergent DFID humanitarian responses both centrally and in-country, where appropriate.

  5. Provide DFID teams with technical advice and management support (including design, monitoring, and learning/adaptation) for institutional partnerships

Support DFID in XHMG efforts to promote good practice and policy alignment

  1. HEROS CONTRACT CAPACITY AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Lead HSOT policy, procedure and practice for gender, VAWG, and safeguarding for the HEROS contract.

  2. Provide technical leadership for recruitment of specialist roles, and support for generalist roles, on to the HSOT database, including review of applications, tests, and participating in interviews

  3. Provide relevant inputs and materials to support the inclusion of VAWG, gender and safeguarding in inductions and trainings for standing team staff and consultants

  4. Support the planning and roll out of actions to improve the integration of protection, safeguarding, gender, and VAWG within HSOT's tools and processes

  5. Provide inputs to the development of preparedness and information management tools on issues relating to protection, VAWG, gender and safeguarding

  6. Contribute to the development of guidance to support HSOT's operationalisation of DFID policies on issues related to protection, VAWG, gender and safeguarding

  7. Support the collection of lessons, and application of learning, related to protection, gender, VAWG, and safeguarding as part of HEROS commitment to continuous improvement

  8. Identify partnership opportunities to strengthen the Palladium consortium capability to deliver on protection, VAWG, gender and safeguarding.

  9. Any other duties as appropriate to the position, as requested.

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    Application closing date: 17th May 2018 (However, applications will be reviewed upon receipt so interviews and appointment may take place before the closing date. Interested candidates are therefore urged to apply sooner rather than later).

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