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UN Jobs / NGO Job Vacancy : Afghanistan: Consultancy services - Reinforcement of Community Response to the Violence Against Women (RCV) project in Herat and Bamyan Provinces of Afghanistan

NGO Jobs / UN Jobs Vacancy

Organization: ActionAid
Country: Afghanistan
Closing date: 21 May 2018

The Organization

ActionAid is an international organisation, working with over 25 million people in more than 40 countries for a world free from poverty and injustice. ActionAid in Afghanistan is part of the ActionAid International Federation and is one of ActionAid’s programmes.

This consultancy is a short term assignment to extract and document the lessons learned and best practices of the RCV experience and develop a range of knowledge products for dissemination through diverse channel for informing the donor and other relevant stakeholders e.g. ActionAid Italia and the concerned ministries under the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on the results on the best practices of the project and lessons learned to influence future project designs or replication as applicable.

The Assignment

The Consultant will design the methodologies for gathering required information on lessons learned, compile and systematize these lessons learned into knowledge reports, in order to enable project team to disseminate them as knowledge products for different audience and media. To achieve the expected results and deliverables, the consultant will perform the duties with detailed scope of work as follows:

  • A briefing session with key staff members of ActionAid and partner representative, to discuss mutual expectation and possible methodologies of the study and agree with the study implementation plan and timeline of each of the activities.
  • Desk review: Conduct desk review over the existing documentation on the preselected thematic lines that provide information on the current project status. Documents to be reviewed might include but not limited to

· RCV Project proposal

· Baseline report of the project

· Progress/implementation reports

  1. Key Informant Interview(KII): individual semi-structured interview with relevant Government officials under ministry of education, ministry of women welfare, community/village leaders, local Shura/Jirga leaders, selected project beneficiaries and key project staff under partnership and direct service delivery.

  2. Focused group discussion(FGDs): FGDs are to be conducted on various thematic and intervention areas with selected members in each of the working areas.

  3. Stakeholders Consultation: Stakeholders consultations are expected to be carried out at the national, subnational and community level with relevant stakeholders like Government Officials, Partner Organization staff, Community Development Committee Members and other actors of the project areas.

  4. Collection and preparation of case stories: Cases would be identified on various thematic areas and framed into good stories of successes reflecting best practices, with good photographs.

  5. Review and analysisof information and prepare impact assessment report with findings and recommendation for way forward.

  6. A debriefingsession to present findings of the study to ActionAid Management and selected stakeholders.

Key deliveries

Following are the expected deliverables from the consultant (s) under this assignment:

  • An inception report containing study methodologies and activity plan with timeline
  • Draft Report on “lessons learned and best practices” derived from the project implementation process and intervention strategies—what worked, what did not worked, how it contributed locally, regionally and nationally and what are the specific usefulness, feasibility to scale up, results/impactof the best practices and lessons learnt
  • Final Report on lessons learned and best practices, upon incorporation of feedback from AA/Donors
  • At least five case studies reflecting the successes, processes involved to this success.

Qualification & Experience

  • At least a Master’s degree, preferably an advanced degree (PhD) in Social science or Anthropology and or specialisation in Social Behaviour Change Process.
  • Extensive experience in the field of development with particular focus to women rights, gender, human rights based programming approach, social and behaviour change, transformative gender role approach and allied disciplines.
  • Experience of conducting quantitative and qualitative social research, project evaluation and review using participatory approaches.
  • Excellent skills of preparing analytical documents/reports
  • Exposure to social, cultural and religious norms of Afghan communities particularly rural communities of Herat and Bamyan Provinces
  • Willingness to work in a conflicting and unstable security context of Afghanistan

How to apply:

Application Procedures

Interest parties/individuals should submit a “letter of intent” to perform the consultancy work with following documents to the addresses given in the Request for Proposal:

  1. Technical Proposal, not more than 5 pages outlining how you would approach and complete this piece of work and proposed methodologies.

  2. Financial proposal: A financial proposal showing the cost of consultant (s) and other relevant costs with breakdown should be annexed with the technical proposal.

  3. In case of company/firm, provide one page of summery of experiences and strength that the farm/company is most fit for this consultancy and attach CVs of the consultant to be performing the task and list of engagement of the company with similar type of assignments.

  4. In case of individual, a comprehensive CV, focussing on the relevant skills and experience of performing similar type of work and prior-experiences of completion of assignment like this.

  5. One sample of recent relevant work

If you have the expertise to take on this exciting opportunity, please click on following link for more detail.

Relevant documents to be forwarded to by no later than 21st May 2018.