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Organization: INTERSOS
Country: Yemen
Closing date: 20 Dec 2017

INTERSOS is an independent non-profit humanitarian organization committed to assist the victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts. Its activities are based on the principles of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality of rights and opportunities, and respect for diversity and coexistence, paying special attention to the most vulnerable and unprotected people.

1. Terms of reference

Job Title: HR Coordinator

Code: SR-35-258

Country: Yemen

Duty Station: Sana’a with travel to Aden and in project locations where possible

Starting date: 01/12/2017

Contract duration: 6 months (Renewable)

Reporting to: Hierarchically to the Head of Mission – functionally to the National HR Coordinator based in HQ- HR Director

Supervision of: National HR manager

Dependents: No

2. General context of the project

Two years after conflict escalated in Yemen, the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the country has reached a milestone with millions of lives in acute need for life saving assistance. The country is facing one of the largest humanitarian emergencies in the world and there is broad agreement among humanitarian partners that this man-made disaster could reach a point of no-return in 2017. Continued hostilities in the country have been brutal on ordinary people who have borne the brunt of sustained airstrikes and localized fighting. The ongoing military campaign has destroyed the economy and moved an already weak and impoverished country towards social, economic, and institutional collapse.

Half of Yemen’s population lacks clean water, sanitation and hygiene services, thereby increasing the risk of infectious diseases. Medicines for diabetes, hypertension, cancer and other chronic diseases are in short supply and there are acute shortages of critical medical equipment. For more than six months, health facilities in Yemen like all public sector services, have received irregular financial support to cover operational costs and staff salaries. The conflict continues to claim children’s lives and their futures. Data shows that the number of children killed in conflict increased by 70 per cent, and nearly twice as many children were injured and recruited into the fighting since March 2016 compared to the same period the previous year.

As of 09 May 2017, around 2 million people remained displaced within Yemen. More than half of current Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are sheltering in Hajjah, Taizz and Sana’a, and roughly 77% are living with host families, or in rented accommodation, straining already scarce resources. New displacements continue to occur in areas where conflict persists, largely offsetting the impact of initial returns. Total displacement estimates have increased in the last year, ranging between 2.1 million and 03 million people, even as the number of returnees has increased. After two months of conflict, the average length of displacement has also grown substantially. Ninety per cent of current internally displaced persons (IDPs) have been displaced for more than 10 months, straining their ability – and their hosts’ – to cope.

According to the Yemen task force on displacement movement (TFDM) of March 2017, the commencement of international armed conflict in Yemen (March 2015) has resulted two year beyond in a major humanitarian crisis with the occurrence of mass displacement, reaching about 3 million IDPs, displaced due to the current conflict in Yemen. Taiz and Ibb are one of the governorates with a high concentration of IDPsand approximately 75 % IDPs originated from four governorates including Taiz, Hajjah, Amanat Al Asimah and Sa’ada where 25 % IDPs only belong to Taiz governorate while number of IDPs in Ibb increased during the last 4 months.

INTERSOS is starting the implementation of a new multi-sector project: The proposed project will aim to coordinate and integrate multi sector humanitarian response within Ibb and Taizz governorates, Central Yemen by enhancing and complimenting the existing OFDA funded action, ‘Emergency protection and WASH assistance for conflict affected populations in Dhi Al-Sufal and Al-Sayani districts, Ibb governorate’ whilst targeting specific gaps and needs highlighted within this on-going project with the ever-changing context within the region.

Working with host communities, marginalized populations and IDP’s within collective shelters, INTERSOS will offer a complimentary programming, creating direct linkages with the community through integrated case management and outreach in the areas of Gender Based Violence, through Women’s centres, Child protection through Child and Adolescent Spaces and specific outreach and technical support in Nutrition focussing specifically on issues of monitoring and management of Acute and Moderate Malnutrition. INTERSOS will also respond to the needs of population through WASH programming providing targeted communities with both Soft and Hard services including rehabilitation of drinking water supply and outreach through hygiene promotion.

3. General purpose of the position

The Hr Coordinator, in collaboration with the HOM, contributes to the definition and implementation of the mission’s objectives and ensures the HR capacity required, sizing and improving people capabilities, contribution and active participation in order to achieve mission’s goals effectively. This will be done according to INTERSOS human resources vision and values.

Works in close collaboration with the Hq National HR Coordinator to supervise all the aspects of the National staff’s management, the definition of policies and strategies and the development in order to build up the career strategy and possibilities of expatriation.

Works in close collaboration with the mission Hr Managers ensuring that INTERSOS is a Responsible employer in the missions of the area, supporting the proper management of HR across the board and assuming full responsibility of the Hr Administrative issues in the missions.

4. Main responsibilities and tasks

Ensure INTERSOS manages the Human Resources as a Responsible Employer:

  • Is responsible for all human resources management issues of the missions, ensuring they are aligned with HR policies and Responsible Employer frame
  • Ensures implementation and revision of all HR Policies for international staffs adapting standard INTERSOS policies to the missions
  • Works in close collaboration with the HQ National Hr Coordinator to develop local policies defining or adapting INTERSOS standard policies to the missions

Analysis of Human Resources needs:

  • Contributes to plan and define the Human Resources needs in coordination with the HOM (International and National) in the missions, analyzing local capacities and supporting on identifying the optimum team set-up to properly achieve mission’s objectives and identifying key indicators in order to follow up the results, and revise the HR plan accordingly
  • In coordination with the HoM defines HR strategies at missions level for the National staffs to ensure the missions count with the capacities and competences needed, in the short, mid and long term (recruitment, remuneration, management and learning development plans)
  • Provides advices and technical expertise to the HoM and relevant Coordinators, in order to design job profiles, organizational charts and decision-making channels for international and national positions

Support to local recruitment:

  • Identifies the best local sources of recruitment according to the needs and objectives of the missions as well as define recruitment strategy based on the analysis of labour market with the objective of recruiting professionals and people with potentials to develop within the missions/organization
  • Supervises the Hr Manager ensuring that local staffs in the missions are properly recruited and that all staffs are managed according to INTERSOS HR vision, policies and values, and provides support and technical advice to the different Coordinators in order to grant fulfilment and coherence

Management of Human Resources (International and National):

  • Defines and coordinates the internal communication policy, in collaboration with all field coordination teams, organizing personnel meetings and broadcasting INTERSOS values and vision, in order to boost team building, people commitment, active participation and adherence to INTERSOS values
  • Ensures systematic briefings and debriefing of all International staffs in the missions and keep regular contacts to support them
  • Provides expertise to Coordinators/supervisors/activity managers on how to manage HR (team management, conflict management, stress early detection, communication, meetings…)
  • Facilitates the resolution of conflicts among missions staffs and looks for a viable solution in case a direct intervention is not possible
  • Makes sure that cases linked to behavioural issues are prevented, detected and managed
  • Ensures, in close collaboration with the relevant departments, that all international and internal movements in the missions are properly managed (visas, tickets, dates of arrival/departure, etc.) and ensures proper accommodation conditions (i.e. room, food, etc.) by informing all relevant people
  • Supports and coach as an expert all the Coordinators in their role of people’s managers

Management of International staffs:

  • Coordinates with Hr Managers and HQ HR Administration to follow up HR policies in particular Rest & Recuperation, house allowance, family benefits, staff separation clearance checklist, flight booking and leaves
  • Guarantees and facilitates the participation of the first missioners to the Induction in Rome Hq or in the region
  • Ensures proper end of assignment, debriefing and capitalization of experiences and shares it with HR Department of Rome HQ (pool managers) for proposals of future missions
  • Management of National staffs in collaboration with the HR Managers:
  • Ensures alignment of mission’s objectives with HR institutional objectives beyond the missions (related with future HR capacity of the organization such as supporting development of staffs beyond missions roles, promoting spaces to train new staffs (first missions) or staffs under development plans, detachment, etc…)
  • Follows the HR and Administration related issues at mission level (recruitment, management and development of teams, contracting of national and regional employees’, remuneration of local and regional staff, etc.).
  • Ensures a good knowledge of labour market: in terms of profiles available, level of qualifications, specificities, lead or request labour market studies and benchmarking studies

Follow up of legal requirements:

  • Supports the HoM and the HR Managers to comply with the Hr legal requirements of the different Countries
  • Supervises and manages administrative processes for all staffs and manage conflicts when they appear, in order to ensure labour legal compliance and to improve employer branding awareness
  • Is responsible to make sure that Internal regulations and all HR related policies, procedures and administrative documents (i.e. employment contracts, payslip, etc.) are within the national legal framework
  • Represents INTERSOS in meetings with Authorities and other NGOs for HR Administration related issues

5. Required profile and experience


University Degree in HR management or administration related studies

Professional experience

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in Human Resources Management
  • Prior work experience in complex humanitarian setting and/or the Middle East region highly desirable

Professional requirements

  • Highly able to keep confidentiality
  • Able to work independently
  • People Management and Leadership
  • Demonstrated leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Good computer skills
  • Demonstrated experience in staff supervision
  • Readiness and ability to move around in Yemen
  • Readiness to commit and adhere to the values, mission and vision of INTERSOS


  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Arabic would be asset

Personal requirements

  • Strong team spirit, comfortable in a multi-cultural environment
  • Strategic vision and planning
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to work and adapt in different environments
  • Very strong interpersonal skills: strong communication and diplomatic skills
  • Practical and problem-solver

How to apply:

For further information and to apply, follow the link below:

In case you encounter difficulties applying through INTERSOS' platform, you can also apply by sending your CV, motivation letter and 2 references via email to , with subject line: "**SR-35-258**".

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the first interview.