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occupied Palestinian territory: Media Training/ Spokesperson workshops

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: Oxfam Novib
Country: occupied Palestinian territory
Closing date: 16 Nov 2017

1. Background

Oxfam believes that people can make change, and that a just and lasting solution can be achieved. We work with partners across OPTI to help make that happen. Oxfam wants to see a just and durable solution that allows Palestinians and Israelis to enjoy peace and security. We work to improve the lives of poor Palestinians living in areas physically isolated by policies and practices of the occupation. We work alongside a wide range of Israeli and Palestinian partners and civil society groups.

2. Overall objective

The overall objective of this training is to build the capacity of key Oxfam staff who are called on as potential spokespeople for national and international print, radio and television media outlets, as well as selected Palestinian and Israeli partner organisations to provide them with an understanding of what makes a good media interview, traps to avoid and overall build greater confidence when dealing with the media and the skills to turn a media interview from good to great.

3. Scope of Work

The external trainer will be required to deliver one day of basic media and spokesperson training in The West Bank as well as another day in Gaza to a group of up to 6 people per day (mix of Oxfam staff, partner organizations and key potential spokespeople.

The trainer will work closely with the Oxfam media and communications lead to ensure the training is applicable to the group and adheres to Oxfam media and communications guidelines.

4. The Duration and Schedule of the assignment:

The timeframe of this assignment is schedule for a maximum of 3 days (1 day for developing material and 2 days for conducting trainings) implemented between December 3rd – 7thdepending on availability and to be agreed with Oxfam staff.

It is the responsibility of the consultant to ensure that the number of days earmarked for this consultancy is adhered to. All materials produced in the course of the consultancy are the property of Oxfam. The consultant will not share any internal documents provided by Oxfam with the outside world without the explicit written permission of Oxfam.

During the assignment, the consultant will deliver on the outputs described in the table below. Documents will be submitted in English in electronic format: Microsoft word format.

The following is a suggested timeline (availability and revised timeline should be submitted by the consultant in the expression of interest). Timelines may be subject for review during contract signature with Oxfam.

Key task and Deliverable

Description of Outputs

Proposed # of Consultancy Days

Task 1: Develop training materials and relevant documents

With close coordination with Oxfam Media and Communication Lead, the consultant will submit the proposed training methodology, agenda, training plan.

1 day: in consultant’s country

Task 2: Carry out and facilitate a 1-day training in 2 localities (1 in WB and 1 in GS)

The training will be: interactive, and draw from the experiences of the participating organizations in order to provide better confidence when dealing with the media and, through that, provide better opportunities for messaging through the media. Also, the trainings will focus on how to stay on message, how to handle difficult questions, hostile interviews and bridging phrases etc, requirements for different media (radio vs print vs television) and live recorded practice with the trainer

2 days: 1 in WB and 1 in Gaza

Total # of Estimated days for the assignment in country.

3 days (Duration of travel isn’t included)

5. Suggested training agenda

Venues: **TBA (1 in Gaza and 1 in Jerusalem or Ramallah)

Consultancy Service Requirements:

This consultancy is open to both local and international consultants who will fulfil the following requirements:

• Academic degree in media or communication

• Extensive knowledge in media and communication

• International broadcast journalism experience

• Extensive knowledge and skills in workshop and training facilitation;

• Excellent interpersonal, communication and analytical verbal and writing skills in English;

• Strong knowledge and understanding of context in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel

How to apply:


Oxfam invites bids from individual consultants or firms with the experience and skills described above. Bids must include the following:

• A letter of motivation outlining how your experience, skills, qualifications and professional background fit with the required deliverables (maximum one page) attaching at least two concrete examples of similar work demonstrating the consultancy service requirements.

• A Curriculum Vitae (CV) detailing relevant skills and experience including three contactable referees (maximum two pages).

• A financial offer that covers all consultancy related costs inclusive of VAT and including accommodation in the country (excluding training logistic costs that will be covered by Oxfam) in PDF format;

• A proposed detailed timeline and work plan that includes the basic methodology based on the key deliverables described above; (the selected consultant will be requested to adjust the work plan for resubmission- as the first deliverable, following the signing of the consultancy contract with Oxfam). The bids should be submitted via email addressed to Ghaida Tahhan, Finance & Administrative Officer