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Egypt: Livelihood Consultant

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: Catholic Relief Services
Country: Egypt
Closing date: 30 Nov 2017

Scope Of work


Livelihood Consultant

Reporting to

Head of Programs

Time Frame

From November 2017 to July 2018


Greater Cairo

Number of Working Days

Estimated 60 working days- span of 9 months

Target Group

Livelihoods project Staff and project target group

Contractual Duration

1st of Nov 2017- 31th July 2018



CRS/Egypt country program began in 1956 at the invitation of the Egyptian president Nasser to provide relief assistance to the victims of the Suez War. Over the following few decades, CRS Egypt moved from large-scale food relief to long-term poverty alleviation and development programs. Currently, CRS/Egypt focuses on refugee assistance, livelihoods, and strengthening of civil society through capacity building and interfaith action. A Management Quality unit supports the programming department in developing and maintaining the highest level of processes and outputs.

CRS/Egypt’s Self-Reliance through Livelihoods program is funded by the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. The project is providing self-employment opportunities to refugees and a smaller number of Egyptians in the Greater Cairo area. The project is also providing prospective beneficiaries trainings in business and financial management as well as legal awareness. The project will enhance new and existing refugee businesses with enhanced case management and marketing skills.

II. Assignment Summary

Working with the Livelihoods project team, the Livelihoods consultant will play an important role in leading and contributing to the growth and technical quality of CRS’ livelihoods portfolio, and in particular to strengthening the training component and assisting in adapting the case management services/tools provided post-training. The consultant will improve the quality and impact of livelihoods programs by providing technical assistance and building the team’ capacity in implementing livelihoods programming, creating or updating tools and providing training and coaching as required. The position will also play a role in documenting CRS’ livelihoods technical capacities and achievements, while carrying out learning events and investing in the Livelihoods’ team.

III. Essential Duties, Responsibilities and Impact

· Train CRS trainers and select caseworkers and other staff on business training delivery, and support them technically before, during and after the trainings.

· Develop tools to train the livelihoods team in technical subjects as needed.

· Serve as technical lead for implementation and follow-up of technical recommendations provided by CRS Regional Technical Advisor.

· Update and review the project training curriculums to accommodate different beneficiaries’ needs and to cope with any technological and/or market updates, specifically the Egyptian marketplace post-devaluation.

· Act as a technical reference points for the livelihoods projects team to advise, guide and help in implementation, as requested.

· Stay abreast of technical developments in the livelihoods field and the Egyptian marketplace, disseminating information to team members as needed.

· Provide technical support to ongoing livelihoods training programs.

· Produce technical guidelines and tools as required to facilitate technically sound implementation.

· Provide direction and support to the design, testing, and evaluation of innovations to advance livelihoods programming

IV. Deliverables:

· Updated Business training curriculum

· TOT on the updated Business Training Curriculum

· A Guideline on effective business plan selection process

· Mentorship manual: how to mentor entrepreneurs

· Review and adaptation of existing case management/follow-up processes and tools

· In person support to some struggling entrepreneurs and provide recommendations how to support similar issues.

· In person support for the team’ training related questions and inquiries

· Review the Advanced Training

V. Time Frame











Updated Business training curriculum and Team training

Review and adaptation of existing case management/follow-up processes and tools

Review the advanced training to be developed

Mentorship manual: how to mentor entrepreneurs

In person support to some struggling entrepreneurs

In person support for the team’ training related questions and inquiries

VI. Requirements and Qualifications:

· Min. 5 years of experience in business management or other related field.

· Min. 3 years’ experience in technical/advising role

· Strong leadership, management, planning, analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills.

· Demonstrated strong ability with training delivery, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting, etc.

· Prior experience with international, bilateral or multilateral organization.

· Strong ability to read and interpret policies and regulations.

· Fluency in written and spoken English with strong drafting skills.

· Ability to make oral presentations and write clear reports and guidance in English and Arabic.

· Skilled in MS Office Suite, including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Internet.

· Seek and apply knowledge, information and best practices from within and outside Development Agencies.

VII. Education:

· Masters level qualification in the following topics or related subjects: Development Economics, Development Studies, Social Development and Sustainable Livelihoods and Rural Development.; significant training experience in a directly related field will be considered in lieu of graduate degree.

VIII. Remarks:

· Working day is 8 working hours

· Any costs associated with the implementation of this work such as, but not limited to, telephone calls, transportation, tips, taxes or other similar items; shall be included within the total cost of the services.

· The Contractor may mobilize additional human resources to assist in this work (costs to be covered in the monthly fee for services without any additional amounts from CRS), but the Contactor remains fully responsible for all deliverables.

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