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Rwanda: Health Project Manager

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: Voluntary Service Overseas
Country: Rwanda
Closing date: 28 Jul 2017

Job specifications: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

1 Health programme development and delivery.

Your will partially be responsible for the delivery of VSO Rwanda health strategy and signature program. Specifically contribute to development of strategy and together with health technical advisor ensure funds are secured to operationalize Adolescent sexual reproductive health signature programme.

1 Planning:

Project Manager (PM) is responsible for timely preparation, submission and advance approval of the annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly plans for the project. The PM will ensure that project teams are engaged and contribute meaningfully to project planning processes. The plans include;

  • Activity implementation plans
  • Budget implementation plans
  • Monitoring and evaluation plans
  • Procurement and logistics plans
  • Staffing and recruitment plans
  • Performance and leave plans

1 Implementation:

The PM is responsible for timely implementation of planned activities according to approved implementation approaches. The PM will ensure project resources are properly utilised to achieve planned activities within agreed timeline. The PM shall is expected to break down the implementation plans on weekly and daily units for easy monitoring and support supervision.

1 Monitoring:

The PM is responsible for monthly field monitoring of all project sites and quarterly reviews with stakeholders to validate whether planned activities were implemented within agreed timelines and budgets, according to agreed approach and whether those activities contributed towards expected outputs/outcomes and are benefiting the right people. This requires the PM to take timely remedial actions to realign deviations and subsequent plans. The PM is also responsible for timely planning and execution of project baseline, mid-line and end-line studies.

1 Reporting:

This PM is responsible for documenting and reporting project progress and learnings to primary actors, districts, VSO partners and management. This includes weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual progress reports, as well as project completion reports. The PM will prepare and implement a reporting calendar for both narrative and financial reports of the project. The PM is responsible for coordinating with all parties involved in the preparation, review and approval of the reports ensuring that advance notice is provided, feedback incorporated and final reports properly approved and signed off before submission.

1 Budget management:

The PM is responsible for effective planning, utilisation and reporting of project budgets to achieve good value for money. The PM shall master the project budget and ensure that his team of staff, volunteers and partners understand the budget. The PM will prepare annual, quarterly and monthly budget implementation plan aligned with activity implementation plans, procurement and recruitment plans. The PM will ensure ZERO budget over/underspends (The PM will achieve 100% of expected burn rates). The PM will ensure compliance with VSO and donor rules and regulations. This PM will organise and lead budget discussion during monthly grants review meetings (GRM), providing explanations and remedial actions for any deviations. The PM will is responsible for monthly spot checks of expenditures and prevention of fraudulent activities in the project.

1 Partnership management:

The PM is responsible for establishing and maintaining mutual partnerships with district local governments, local partners, and primary actors. The PM will maintain respectful and mutually beneficial relationships through formal and informal engagements. The PM shall ensure that the project aligns with and contributes directly to government priorities and district plans. The PM will develop and maintain a partnership agreement with districts and local partners. The PM is responsible for VSO performance contracts with the district. The PM will represent VSO in all JADF activities. The PM is responsible for immigration work plans and reports.

1 Representation:

The PM is VSO's primary representative in the district, the one responsible for communicating on behalf of VSO. The PM shall ensure all VSO business in the district is conducted in a professional manner, with unquestionable integrity and diplomacy. The PM will foster a culture of integrity and good conduct among VSO field-based staff and volunteers on official and unofficial occasions. The PM is responsible for proper visibility and recognition of the contribution of VSO and its donors in all individual and join activities involving VSO. It involves proper branding of VSO field office, field activities and other joint initiatives. The PM shall proactively engage in formal coordination mechanisms and informal networks within the districts. The PM must be actively engage on social media, especially through VSO Rwanda Facebook and Twitter. The PM will ensure transparent communications of VSO work with all relevant stakeholders especially with primary actors, sector and district officials.

1 People management:

The PM is responsible for recruiting and retaining competent and motivated staff, volunteers and partners who are committed to VSO's vision and mission, values and principles. The PM is responsible for proper orientation of new staff, volunteers and partners to ensure they align with project plans and local context as quickly and smoothly as possible. The PM is responsible for building and maintaining good team cohesion and collaboration. The PM is responsible for establishing and maintaining a culture of high performance; the PM shall ensure team members have clear performance targets, which are regularly reviewed and timely remedial actions taken. In collaboration with people team, the PM shall ensure project team safety, security, health and wellbeing.

1 Personal development:

The PM is responsible for continues learning, study and improvement within his team. The PM shall develop their own personal learning and improvement plan and for their team members. The PM shall ensure that these plans show how the learning and improvement directly contribute to VSO programme improvement. The PM shall ensure that these plans are feasible within the limited project time and resources. The PM shall ensure that these plans are fully implemented, team performance improved and reports shared with VSO management.

1 Other relevant duties assigned.

Key Skills and Qualities

  • Must be a Rwandan National
  • Master degree in public health or relevant area of study from a reputable University;
  • Specific experience in managing health projects is mandatory.
  • Solid project management experience gained from complex programmes in Rwanda;
  • Good understanding of social inclusion, social accountability and resilience principles;
  • Experience in programming to achieve Rwanda's vision 2020 and global goals (SDGs);
  • Excellent people skills; relationships, negotiation, networking and coordination skills;
  • Excellent communications, including fluency in written English; analytical, presentation and public relations skills; and
  • Experience in field operations planning, management, coordination and security.
  • Attention to details; Capability to multi task; Task completer
  • Able to work autonomously
  • Tenacious and possessing a strong work ethic
  • Able to work under pressure and in a multi-cultural environment

Salary A competitive salary will be offered for the right candidate

Success factors:

This position requires an independence and initiative to work with multiple teams and partners. It requires regular reflection, critical analysis and openness to critical feedback and peer reviews. It requires taking remedial actions in a timely manner when needed. It requires regular engagement with and exchange knowledge and experience with other VSO education programme managers across several countries. It requires high level people skills especially; diplomacy, team cohesion, mentoring, coaching, and motivating skills to achieve team and individual results. It requires ability to deliver high quality results within limited time and resources. It requires self-motivation, responsiveness and ability to think creatively ''outside the box''.

How to apply:

Please follow this link to apply: