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Myanmar: Consultancy- Mental Health and Psychosocial Support - Myanmar

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: Handicap International
Country: Myanmar
Closing date: 05 Aug 2017

Terms of reference

Consultancy- Mental Health and Psychosocial Support




Mental Health and Psychosocial Support


Enhancing Victim Assistance Services and Coordination in Kayin and East Bago


September 2017


Handicap International (HI) in Myanmar

HI has been working with the Myanmar refugees in Thailand since 1984, and in Myanmar during the emergency response after Cyclone Nargis and, since 2013, is implementing projects related to Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction, Humanitarian Mine Action, Support to Civil Society and Mainstreaming Disability and Inclusion.

HI intervention in Kayin and East Bago

HI currently intervenes in Kayin state and East Bago region in partnership with a local organisation, the Myanmar Physically Handicapped Association (MPHA). Under a Victim Assistance (VA) program, HI and MPHA have been supporting the running of three township level Victim Assistance Centres (VACs), since 2015. HI and MPHA VA program aims to provide communities affected by landmine contamination and people with disabilities with comprehensive support, which include: beneficiaries’ needs assessment, referral to services, provision of functional rehabilitation and psychosocial support, education on the risk associated to landmines and livelihoods supports. The villages targeted by the Vac are remote, rural and in close proximity to contaminated areas.

Psychosocial support provided in VA program

Until now, psychosocial support has been limited to peer-to-peer counselling to beneficiaries through 30 community volunteers, themselves being people living with disability linked to MPHA VACs, who will have been trained by a Myanmar national psychologist. The national psychologist will provide ongoing support, by phone and in person, enabling the volunteers to provide two to one lay counselling support to people living with disability, who request such support, in the target communities. HI and MPHA will also explore the feasibility of complementing this peer to peer counselling approach with community based group social support activities. The aim of the group activities would be to enhance social inclusion and social cohesion at a community level. These social gatherings, which may include inclusive sports, leisure, cultural and religious activities, would help to increase connections between victims and the wider community, develop social linkages, shed light on the abilities of people living with impairments among the community members, and change misperceptions.


HI VA Program is seeking to engage a mental health expert to carry out a situation analysis of mental health issues in target villages. The expert will provide an assessment of psycho-social support needs, with the aim to design community based group social support activities.

The situation analysis will include the strengths and limitations of the current approach based on peer-to-peer counselling and how those limitations could be addressed through group and/or community activities. This analysis will include recommended activities for the particular context, detailed guidelines for implementation and a set of monitoring tools for those recommended activities.

The consultant's scope of work will also include development of a TOT curriculum for psycho-social support and delivery of a three-days training to the national psychologist and the VA Program staff.

Finally, the consultant’s assessment will support the current development of the Myanmar Programme Strategy on psychosocial support, with recommended actions and strategic overview.


The consultancy will deliver the following tangible outputs:

  • 1 x Situational Analysis report, whose content and detailed structure will be defined together with HI and MPHA at inception phase. The report will recommend actions and provide tools to support their implementation:

  • Recommended improvement of peer-to-peer counselling provided so far

  • Recommended group or community based activities, suitable to the particular context

  • Detailed guidelines for implementation

  • A set of monitoring tools for those recommended activities.

  • 1 x TOT curriculum for psycho-social support (3 days), including training materials and tools

  • 1 x 3 days ToT training

  • 1 x Mental Health Psychosocial Support strategy recommendations document for HI and MPHA

  • 1 x Synthetic end of mission report


The consultancy will take place in Myanmar and have a maximum duration of 30 working days, including inception phase and the production of all deliverables.

At inception phase, the consultant will propose a methodology of work. Such methodology will need to include at least 10 village level focus group discussions and meetings with all relevant stakeholders at township, state and national level.

This 30-days mission is proposed in September 2017. The consultant will propose a work schedule at inception phase. The work schedule must clearly specify the manner in which the consultant will approach the activities required to perform the service. The schedule must indicate the progress and/or the standard of service performance, including the criteria and/or indicators to check that the service provision is proceeding smoothly.

The work schedule will be subject to following restrictions:

o International travel days are not working days

o Inception phase: maximum 3 working days (payable)

o Full time local travel days are considered working days but are paid 40% of the daily consultancy fee

o Weekends are not working days, except when agreed

o Reporting phase (final report): max 0,5 working day (payable)

The consultancy will take place mostly outside Yangon, in the target areas.


The consultant will:

o Organize and pay return flights (economy class) from the consultant’s country of residence to Yangon (if applicable) according to the agreed work schedule;

o Pay his/her country entry visa fee. (Business visa)

o Organize and pay his/her stay in Yangon (transport, meals and accommodation)

o Organize and pay adequate medical insurance coverage including repatriation. Provide proof of adequate professional, third party liability insurance or a discharge of responsibility by which he/she responds personally to any damages caused to third parties by his/her act.

o Provide a proof of its freelance worker’s official status and the documents evidencing the legality of his/her activities in his/her country of domicile.

Handicap International will:

o Assist in getting country entry visa into Myanmar. (Business Visa)

o Organize and pay travel and accommodation for staying outside of Yangon.

o Provide logistical support and cover the costs for meetings, workshops and training with HI and MPHA staff and stakeholders’ staff.

o Provide an external interpreter to English when necessary

o Make available relevant documents to the consultants.

o Provide working space, access to the internet, telephone usage and office services

Note that NO per diem will be paid to the consultant. Also, international travel days will not be considered as working days and will not be paid. Local travel days (between project’s sites) will be paid 40% of the consultancy fee.

The Consultant will be asked to collaborate with Ms Donna O’Regan (Humanitarian Mine Action Coordinator) and Ms Nyo Nyo Thaw (Psychosocial Support Project Manager) who will be the point of contacts.


The maximum budget available for this consultancy is at 10,000 USD. The consultant should present a financial proposal with a breakdown of all the costs incurred as follow:

· Professional fees

· International plane tickets in economy class (if required):

The consultancy contract will specify the agreed gross professional fees as a lump-sum.

The payment schedule will be agreed during the contracting process.

International travel costs will be reimbursed based on the real invoices and boarding passes submitted by the consultant at the end of the consultancy, within the limit of the amounts quoted.

HI will directly bear the costs mentioned under its obligation in chapter IV.


The consultancy is open to freelance individual consultants and to organizations, including international and national NGOs and private companies.



Qualification(s) :

Master or Doctoral degree in Psychology

Experience (type and length of experience) :

At least 10 years of professional experience as a Psychologist

At least 5 years technical support to mental health programmes in international contexts.

Strong Previous experience of community based group PSS activities

Training of trainers expertise

Previous experiences with Handicap International

Knowledge on disability and inclusion.

Competencies (knowledge, skills required for the job, (see skills repository) :

Confirmed skills in peer to peer support and psychosocial support.

Confirmed skills in curricula and protocol design

Skills in capacities building and coaching of community volunteers

Skills in facilitation and communication

Fluent English

Personal qualities:

Ability to work within a multi-cultural team

Willingness to travel in remote areas

How to apply:


Interested candidates should submit the following information with their application:

  1. Cover letter demonstrating the understanding of the assignment and suitability to the profile requested.

  2. Curriculum vitae and list of previous similar assignments.

  3. Two references from previous similar assignments.

  4. A max two pages document suggesting a possible methodology to be used in the consultancy and am indicative work plan and work schedule.

  5. A budget breakdown for the consultancy including:

  6. professional fees calculated as daily fee multiplied by # of working days

  7. international plane tickets (if required)

  8. Scan of passport (> 9 months still valid)

Complete applications should be sent by email to Handicap International:

· Donna O’Regan: and

· Nyo Nyo Thaw:

Deadline for submission of applications: 5th August 2017 at 5pm GMT