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Organization: Marie Stopes International
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 28 Jul 2017

If you are a consultant, agency or organization with a proven track experience in designing communication strategies in Africa…we are looking for you!

The Problem

Fifteen percent of women age 15-19 have already had a birth. Teenage pregnancy is a clear driver of maternal mortality - pregnancy and childbirth are recognized as the second leading cause of death for Kenyan teens. Unsafe abortion, estimated to account for 25% of all maternal deaths, is another significant driver of maternal mortality and morbidity in Kenya. Greater access to information and SRH services will reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies and keep girls in school longer contributing to their socio-economic success.

The Solution: In Their Hands

In Their Hands (ITH) is a teen-centered project designed to normalize sex, reduce unplanned pregnancy and end unsafe abortion among Kenyan adolescents. It is funded by CIFF and is currently being executed by three consortium partners who are Well Told Story, Triggerise and Marie Stopes Kenya. Well Told Story will create demand for and awareness of the solution through their national multi-media platform ‘Shujaaz’. Triggerise will provide the mobile platform to ensure easy access to the free services at specified health facilities. Marie Stopes Kenya will provide a network of youth friendly SRH services, through their clinics and social franchise AMUA network.

In Their Hands is comprised of three pillars:

1. ‘I want It’

2. ‘On My Terms’

3. ‘I Am Supported’

Pillars 1 & 2 are being implemented by the 3 consortium partners, (since April 2017).

We are now looking to design pillar 3 ‘I Am Supported’ (See TOC diagram overleaf) with the support of a new partner.

Theory of Change

Objectives of this Assignment

Goal of Pillar 3

To increase ‘community’ discourse, acceptability and support of adolescent girls’ use of SRH products and services.


Develop, launch, and sustain a national discourse campaign that targets key community groups that serve as barriers to and/or influencers of adolescent girls’ use of SRH products and services.

Process, Deliverables and Timelines

Using a participatory, collaborative process with ITH partners and key stakeholders, design a national discourse campaign that targets key community groups/members that serve as barriers to and/or influencers of adolescent girls’ use of SRH products and services, including:

· Development of the evaluation study protocol including the data collection tools.

· Identifying priority audience segments to engage in dedicated communications campaigns

· Designing communication strategies to shift discourse and attitudes around these groups

· Identifying potential implementing partners and design implementation plans and deliverables

· Designing means of measuring impact

· Submission of the evaluation protocol to the local ethics review committee for approval

Possible indicators of success

· Change in the % of adolescent girls that feel their communities support their use of contraception.

· Change in the % of parents [mothers?] that report they have talked to their adolescent daughters about contraception

· Change in the % of adolescent girls that report they have talked to their parents [mothers?] about contraception

· Change in the % of parents of adolescent girls that agree that adolescent girls should use contraception if they choose to have sex

Management of Consultant

The successful consultant will report to the ITH Director and will be required to maintain collaboration and coordination with the ITH partners. The ITH Advisory Board supports the ITH Director in their role.


The Consultancy will have an estimated duration of 2 calendar months from signing of contract.

Design: August to mid-October 2017 latest

Implementation period: (TBC) ITH overall project ends on 31 March 2020. Time period for pillar 3 should be strategic rather necessarily be for the full project duration.

Reporting: Monthly progress and monitoring reports to the ITH Director will be required.

Key Qualifications and Experience

· The Consultant should have at least 5 years’ experience designing strategic communication campaigns

Experience in interacting with key stakeholders in Kenya who may include, but not limited to religious leaders, Ministry of Youth and Gender – Directorate of Social Services, Gender and Youth, the Children’s department, Child Rights protection partners, teachers, guardians and parents.

ITH Role in the assignment

· ITH will provide technical oversight, quality assurance as well as quality control for the exercise as necessary

· Facilitate report validation by relevant stakeholders

· Technical support from the research, monitoring and evaluation

· Provide relevant project documents for review

How to apply:

Proposal Specifications

To view a mode detailed TOR, please use the below link:

Proposal are to be submitted via email to by 28th July 2017, with the subject line: Pillar 3 Communication Strategy.

The interested consultant must include in their application a detailed technical and financial proposal with the following components:

· Show a clear understanding and interpretation of the TOR

· Methodology & proposed process to be used in undertaking the assignment

· A timetable detailing the number of days, deadlines and people required (if more than 1) per each task

· Suggested means of measuring impact (M&E support will be offered by the partnership)

· A prioritised plan (within available budget)

· Mode of payment and timeframe

· Quotation must include VAT, if applicable and withholding tax

· Validity period of the quotation.

Interested consultant to include as Annex:

· CVs of all key staff outlining relevant experience

· Samples of 2 most recent related campaign assignments (and/ or references for the same).

· Consulting firm profile

· Copy of PIN certificate, Copy of VAT Certificate (if applicable)

A contract will be awarded and drafted to the successful bidder in accordance with MSK / ITH conditions for consultancy contracts. In the event that further information is required in relation to the tender proposal, the ITH Advisory Board reserves the right to seek the required information without the need for calling for resubmission of proposals. For any service provider requiring clarification relating to the scope of work and submission of proposals or evaluation process should do so by contacting

Only short listed applicants will be contacted.