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Jordan: Accomplished Videographer - Jordan

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: Norwegian Refugee Council
Country: Jordan
Closing date: 21 Jul 2017


The NRC Information, Counseling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) programme was established in Jordan in 2013 in order to provide casework and legal assistance to refugees in Jordan. The ICLA programme provides refugee families with, amongst other things, information and counselling in relation to their rights to registration, legal and civil documentation, housing, and access to essential services as part of a holistic casework/social work approach to beneficiary needs.

NRC’s ICLA services began in 2013 in Irbid where services were focused on Housing Land and Property Rights and tied to NRC’s shelter beneficiaries. Since then ICLA services have expanded throughout the country.

Traditionally legal awareness sessions have been provided through a form of interactive presentation to a group of beneficiaries followed by individual counselling sessions with those who ask for specific advice on ICLA thematic areas. NRC are now moving to complement these services through other alternative methods of legal awareness including through video. At the end of 2015 NRC Jordan created the first video highlighting the problems relating to civil documentation called Registering Rights:

In 2017, NRC ICLA piloted use of the theatre modality in Mafraq to highlight social issues related to the areas of ICLA intervention. This modality will be piloted in all geo-locations where NRC are present during the last half of 2017.


The overall purpose of the consultancy is to build a bank of videos that would explain simply and effectively the basic principles of the law with regards to Housing Land and Property, Registration, Civil Documentation, and Work Rights to Syrian beneficiaries. In addition, the consultant will feed into a plan on how best to video the theatre initiative, with a cost estimate and time plan attached.


The consultant will be asked to undertake the following work:

  • Visit legal awareness sessions conducted by NRC staff in Amman, Mafraq, Irbid, Jerash and Ramtha (5%)
  • Work with parts of the ICLA team to create four creative 5 min videos on ICLA thematic areas of intervention (80%)
  • Ensuring quality of above-mentioned videos by soliciting anonymous feedback of staff and beneficiaries (either through M&E or monkey survey) (5%)
  • Watch the theatre modality in all locations where it is being produced and write a short report/ advice document on how best to video such activities including budget and timeline (more info will be provided at interview) (10%)


The consultant will have the creative freedom to employ the methodology of his/her choosing keeping in mind core NRC humanitarian principles such as ‘do no harm’ and ensuring that informed consent is always obtained. The consultant will be expected to have read and understood Standard Operating Procedures in this respect. The video’s must be clear and concise; Use of animation within the video is highly recommended.


  • Excellent skills in editing and digitalising raw footage
  • Proficient in analog and digital editing systems, broadcast applications and general production
  • Extensive experience with audio recording and video-taping and editing
  • Excellent eye for detail
  • Fluency in Arabic


Initially, work closely with ICLA teams across geo-locations to produce a:

  • Four-five minute videos explaining ICLA thematic areas to beneficiaries
  • Short report with recommended, location, budget and setting on how the theatre modality can be filmed
  • Ensure regular and anonymised feedback during the video creation process especially from beneficiaries.


Accommodation: Accommodation will be provided in the NRC guesthouse in Jordan. The Consultant will be responsible for their own accommodation for time spent out of Jordan.

Flights: Flights and/or transport to Jordan will be paid for by NRC Jordan

Transportation: Transportation within Jordan (and to and from the airport) associated with undertaking of the consultancy will be provided for by NRC Jordan or reimbursed upon presentation of receipts.

Time spent in Jordan: It is expected that the consultant will spend between 7-10 days in Jordan in order to view the programme in action and meet ICLA staff and staff of other agencies

Consultants should submit a covering letter setting out their relevant background, experience and motivation for the position, as well as a CV, their daily rate, estimated time of completion per video of differing length, dates of availability, an example of work such as a link to previous video’s created and any other information or data they would require from NRC to undertake the consultancy.

Applications should be submitted by email to by 17.00 (Jordan time) on 21 July with the subject line ‘Videographer Consultancy’.

Withholding tax of 10% (5% in the case of national consultants) will be deducted from the fees and paid directly to the tax department by NRC, as per the legal requirements. Proof of payment for this will be provided to the Consultant upon request.

How to apply:

Applications should be submitted by email to by 17.00 (Jordan time) on 21 July with the subject line ‘Videographer Consultancy’.