Jul 17, 2017

Iraq: Trauma Referral System Coordinator

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: NYC Medics
Country: Iraq
Closing date: 31 Jul 2017


The Iraqi military has been engaged in a campaign to retake areas under the control of ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). The fighting in Mosul has concluded, but is expected to move to other regions under ISIS control such as Tal Afar and Hawija. Based on the experience from Mosul, the World Health Organization/Iraq (WHO), the Department of Health (DoH) Ninewa, and DoH Erbil have established a trauma referral system. This includes Trauma Stabilization Points (TSPs) located close to the front lines and tasked with providing rapid initial stabilization to patients with traumatic injuries; field hospitals located in Ninewa Province with inpatient surgical capacity; and tertiary referral hospitals located in Erbil with specialist services such as plastic surgery, burn care, neurosurgery, etc.

NYCMedics has been tasked by WHO to perform several tasks related to management of the referral system. This includes support in identifying and planning referral pathways, managing a referral call center that helps TSPs and field hospitals to direct patient transfers to appropriate receiving hospitals, performing site assessments to understand health facility capacity to care for trauma patients, troubleshooting delays or roadblocks in the referral pathway, data collection from pre-hospital care sites including TSPs and ambulances, quality assurance at the TSP level, and working to improve ambulance efficiency and performance.

Referral System Coordinator Role

NYCMedics will support one to two Referral System Coordinators, who will be responsible for the management of the trauma referral system caring for victims of the ongoing conflict with ISIS. This is a non-clinical role, and Referral System Coordinators will be based primarily in Erbil, but will be expected
to travel to TSPs and field hospitals in Ninewa province. Though the Coordinators will be employees of
NYCMedics, they will be a part of the WHO Trauma Coordination Cell and will report to both the WHO
Trauma Coordinator and to the NYCMedics Iraq Country Director.

Expected results:

  • Standard Operating Procedures for the referral system are in place and implemented

  • A mechanism/process for monitoring the implementation of the plan at TSPs and ambulance services is in place

  • Daily operational updates provided and corrective actions implemented

Specific responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Collaborate with the WHO, DoH Ninewa and Erbil, and the various organizations operating TSPs in and around the conflict area
  • Assist with implementation and enforcement of minimum clinical standards for TSPs. This may include site visits to TSPs for subjective and objective assessments, and assisting TSPs with any necessary quality improvements
  • Work under the direction of WHO and DoH Ninewa to plan placement and movement of TSPs in a manner that maximizes access to trauma stabilization for potential trauma victims
  • Manage a system of patient transfers from TSPs to field hospitals, between field hospitals, and from field hospitals to tertiary referral hospitals. Management of this system includes multiple components:
    • Maintaining an up-to-date database of the resources, services, and medical/surgical specialties available at each receiving hospital, to ensure patients are referred to facilities with the capacity to meet their clinical needs
    • Identification of single points of contact for all facilities involved in patient transfer process
    • Management of a referral call center that coordinates the transfer of patients from TSPs and field hospitals to appropriate receiving hospitals
    • Manage a logbook for all referrals coordinated through the referral call center, and perform data analysis based on this logbook
    • Work with DoH Ninewa, DoH Erbil, WHO, and partner NGOs to troubleshoot delays or roadblocks in the referral pathway
    • Monitor the implementation of an ambulance incentive program, which aims to improve ambulance driver cooperation with the referral coordination system
  • Manage data extraction and analysis from TSP medical documentation chart review, and reporting of data analysis to the WHO Trauma Coordination Cell

Support of the Referral System Coordinators

Day-to-day support will be provided by NYCMedics, including at a minimum a salary stipend, housing in
Erbil, work space at the NYCMedics country office in Erbil, airfare to and from Erbil, access to NYCMedics drivers and vehicles in Iraq, and personal insurance coverage. Security trainings will be required by NYCMedics prior to travel to Iraq. Referral System Coordinators will report to the NYCMedics Iraq Country Director.

Desired Qualifications

Requirements include a health professional degree (MD, RN, NP, PA) and a degree in public health, with a minimum of 3 years experience in global health and disaster relief. Health professionals with a background in emergency medicine, pre-hospital care, or trauma are preferred. Fluency in English is required.

Additional Details

The expected duration of this contract will be 3 months, with an immediate start date. The position will be primarily based in Erbil, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, but will require field visits to high risk areas in Ninewa Province such as Mosul, Tal Afar, and Hawija.

How to apply:

To apply, please e-mail a CV and cover letter to Dr. Timothy Tan, NYCMedics Medical Director, to the following address: tim@nycmedics.org. Please include in your cover letter your available dates. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.