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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Cinematographer or Coordinator of Photography - Volunteer

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: International Women's Initiative
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Closing date: 15 Aug 2017

This is the role for the key person on film productions with the major creative role, who provides a film
with its unique visual identity, or look. This role must discover the photographic heart of a screenplay, using a variety of source material including stills photography, painting, other films, etc. This person creates the desired look using lighting, framing, camera movement, etc. He or She collaborates closely with the camera crew (Camera Operator, 1st and 2nd Assistant Camera, Camera Trainee and Grips).

After reading the screenplay, this person meets with the Film Maker and Head of Productions to discuss
the visual style of the film. He or She conducts research and preparation including carrying out technical
recces of locations. Cinematographer prapres a list of all required camera equipment, including lights, filmstock, camera, cranes and all accessories etc., for the production office to order.
During preparation he or she also tests special lenses, filters or film stocks, checking that the results fit
with the vision for the film. On each day of principal photography, this person and the camera crews
arrive early on set to prepare the equipment. During rehearsals, the cinematographer and team block
(decide the exact movements of both actors and camera) the shots as the actors walk through their
actions, discussing any special camera moves or lighting requirements with the Camera Operator, Gaffer
and Grip.
During post production, DoPs attend the digital grading of the film, which may involve up to three weeks
of intensive work. Most DoPs work on commercials and promos as well as on feature films. Although the
hours are long, and some foreign travel may be required, the work is highly creative and very rewarding.


have good technical knowledge of photo-chemical and digital processes
know all about camera equipment
have in-depth knowledge of lighting techniques and how to achieve them
have considerable industry experience
be flexible in order to adapt ideas instantly
be able to take decisions quickly
know about photography, painting and the moving image
have artistic vision, be creative
pay precise attention to detail
have good colour vision
be able to give and accept direction
have excellent communication skills
be diplomatic and tactful when working with cast and crew
know about health and safety legislation and procedures

How to apply:


To apply, email CV and cover letter to

Mention in your subject line: Cinematographer or Coordinator of Photography - Volunteer