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Rapid Damage Assessment Application ("RDA App") Contractor

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: Miyamoto International
Closing date: 28 Jun 2017

Terms of Reference

Rapid Damage Assessment Application (“RDA App”) Contractor


Miyamoto International is a global engineering, construction management and project management company that provides critical services that sustain industries and safeguard communities with offices worldwide.

Miyamoto is currently working in Latin America on a disaster risk reduction program to strengthen local and national risk management policy and practice.

A Rapid Damage Assessment (RDA) is a critical part of the program, and as a part of this work, the successful contractor will design a RDA data management and GIS system specifically related to the technical RDA procedure/tool that will allow RDA field data to be captured, stored, analyzed, scaled and managed in real time.

Scope of Work

The specific output is an RDA App in Spanish and English linked to a GIS system.

The core areas of the scope are as follows. Kindly note that related areas to the information below may be further revised and refined with the successful contractor.

  • This App will include the digitization of the damage assessment technical procedure (known as the “technical tool”).

  • This contractor is expected to work with teams located in two countries in the region. It is envisioned that the final product in each country will have the same core functionality, but specific features may be tailored to specific needs in each country.

  • Develop GIS-compatible mapping scheme to allow for the real-time transfer of building coordinates and assigned placard to be overlaid on the map of the required areas. It is envisioned that it will be linked to a GIS system that will allow data collected by field assessors in the field to be recorded, managed, analyzed and processed in such a way that it will help scale data rapidly and inform response planning in real time. It must be clear how the information could easily be put into a format that can be used for both disaster response and recovery.

  • The program is to be interactive to allow the users to click on particular buildings and be able to pullout the RDA data including photographs. It must allow for simultaneous access of multiple parties to multiple sets of information in real-time.

  • It is expected that the App will be able to interface with other needed and related programs, such as Google Earth. It is anticipated that the developed App allow for the collection of data on the cell phone and transmittal to a designated server.

  • The contractor would also develop a quality assurance/control methodology for the checking of entries. They would also be expected to develop a program for post-processing of the RDA data. The objective of this would be to allow researchers and other stakeholders access to the data and process it.

  • The contractor will work with the field teams in two countries in Latin America, as well as corporate teams as needed, to refine and test the RDA App linked to a GIS system before final delivery. In-situ testing of the program using example buildings is required prior to delivery of the final product.

  • The contractor will also be expected to work with the country teams to be sure there is sufficient understanding of the App and how future data be recorded, managed and processed.

  • Develop a program for the post-processing of the RDA data. The objective is to allow researchers and other stakeholder access to the data and availability to process data and access key information, such as the number of red tagged buildings in a given neighborhood or the distribution of color placards for a given building type (all from data collected from individual buildings).

    • While the App is intended to be public-facing, it will also be important to consider functionality that may consider private information exchange among selected technical working groups prior to being made public.
  • It is anticipated that the App will be able to work effectively across all types of electronic devices, including, mobile phones. The App should be multi-platform.

Additionally, regarding functionality:

  • The App should be able to be used in the field offline. The information should be able to be saved and later uploaded for cases when there is no immediate Internet connection.
  • The App should have a “help” option, in all or most of its windows to better explain the concepts. Note that an RDA Manual will complement the App, and the information on the manual will need to be accessed via the App.
  • The App should be able to generate differentiated reports, so depending who is consulting the information, a different report can be created.
  • The App should be able to allow for levels of information. For example, if a technical expert is uploading data and wants to add levels of granularity or detail.
  • The App should have the ability to edit information according to technical criteria, and where available in the country, the professional code or identification of an individual based on technical knowledge or study.


  • Advanced degree in a related IT discipline.


  • Ability to work with both technical and non-technical counterparts seamlessly in Spanish and English and also develop the App in English and Spanish.

  • Ability to work with a variety of stakeholders to refine and test a product according to product specifications.

  • Strong and demonstrated past experience in developing and executing technology-based solutions, like Apps, in countries throughout the world.


  • 10+ years in IT successfully developing and delivering Apps, particularly in countries throughout the world.

  • Past experience working in Latin America is highly desired.

How to apply:


To apply, please submit the following documents by Wednesday, June 28 to Karla Melchiori:

  • Resume/CV, with particular attention paid to work in App development.

  • Brief (1-2 page) plan on how you would execute the Scope of Work across two countries in Latin America in an approximately 3-month timeframe.

  • Your consultancy fee for the work.