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Libya: Resource Person (Speaker/Facilitator)

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Organization: CTG Global
Country: Libya
Closing date: 04 Jul 2017


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The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) is tasked with assisting the Libyan authorities in restoring public security and the rule of law, promoting inclusive political dialogue and national reconciliation, and in assisting them to embark on the drafting of a new constitution and on laying the foundation for elections. In accordance with its mandate UNSMIL will assist Libyan authorities and institutions resulting from the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA), through technical advice and assistance to conduct a participatory, transparent, fair, inclusive and nationally owned and led reconciliation process.

In line with its mandate, the priorities laid down in its work plan and in keeping with the provisions of the LPA, UNSMIL and UNDP will support stakeholders to come up with a reference document with options for developing a national reconciliation strategy. The document would inform future strategy and planning purposes in matters related to national reconciliation, as part of the 18 months Peacebuilding Fund supported project.

The process will be in line with the UN guiding principles on transitional justice, which include transparency, inclusiveness, accountability, and respect for local customs. The UN institutional support on reconciliation is thus focused on strengthening national efforts, including through capacity-building workshops and sharing of comparative experiences, in order to conceptualize and design an inclusive and comprehensive national reconciliation strategy for Libya.

As national ownership and independence is critical to the success of any reconciliation process, and in follow-up to the September 2016 and January 2017 experts meetings on reconciliation and the recommendations emanating from them, UNSMIL and UNDP propose to explore potential entry points in that direction by facilitating a second thematic working group exploring conflict-related detention issues in Libya, and how to include them within a national reconciliation framework and strategy.


Role objective:

To provide advice and practical support to UNSMIL and UNDP in their task of assisting the Libyan authorities, local actors and civil society organizations to design a strategy and implement a national reconciliation process ensuring a nationally owned and led process emphasizing participation, inclusiveness, accountability and transparency.

In particular, the consultant will assist the project to ensure that the national reconciliation strategy fully includes and addresses the issue of prolonged, arbitrary and conflict-related detention.

Reporting to UNSMIL/PAD, The expert will assist the mission in its task of providing technical assistance on the national reconciliation process, through his/her participation in the first thematic working group meeting organized in Hammamet on 25 – 26 July.

The expert’s technical assistance outputs will be expected to adhere to the UN Secretary General’s Guidance Note on Transitional Justice, which emphasizes that UN support in the area of reconciliation should promote transparent, inclusive, participatory and nationally owned and led processes appropriate to the local context. It will also adhere to the UN Guiding Principles on Internally Displaced Persons and all international standards and conventions in that area.

In particular, the consultant should prepare all outputs taking into consideration how the national reconciliation process can not only result in a legitimate institutional framework but also how it can, more generally, promote accountability and address prolonged and arbitrary detention from a comprehensive and legal perspective.

Expected output:

  • A paper presenting the challenges of addressing detention issues both in local and national reconciliation processes in Libya: about 5-10 pages to be orally presented during the workshop and sent in written to UNSMIL at least 5 days before the workshop.

  • Full attendance, facilitation of working group and participation to the meeting organized by UNSMIL in Tunis on 25 – 26 July.

  • Technical assistance and follow-up report on the discussions and recommendations emanating from the workshop.

  • Researching on the assigned topic of expertise related to detention and national reconciliation in Libya - Days 1

  • Drafting a 5-10 pages presentation (written and oral format) to be made during the meeting - to be shared with UNSMIL / UNDP at least 5 days before the workshop - Days 2-3

  • Facilitation support during national reconciliation meeting as resource person. Provision of technical advice, final reporting of the event and revision of the out-coming policy brief based on the working group discussions - Days 3-6

  • Follow-up expertise on the workshop’s recommendations - Days 6-8

Sending of the final briefing note paper (10-15 pages, including policy recommendations) - Day 8

Project reporting:

Reporting to UNSMIL/PAD

Team management:

This role does not require team management



§ Master's degree in Master’s degree in law, public policy, political science, administration or related field.

Work experience:

§ Minimum of 5 years of demonstrable relevant Law experience.

Geographical experience:

§ Minimum of 5 years of experience in Africa with local experience in Libya and Tunis / homebased is an advantage.


§ Fluency in English and Arabic is essential.

How to apply:

Please apply on our website alternatively you may click on this direct link to apply