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Jordan: Legal Project Officer

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: Terre des hommes
Country: Jordan
Closing date: 30 Jun 2017

With the support and under the supervision of the Juvenile Justice Project Manager,the Legal Project Officeris responsible to provide technical expertise and leadership in the field of law on child protection and juvenile justice system in Jordan. He/she supervises the implementation ofall activities linked to the legal and judicial objectives of the delegation, including activities with formal and customary justice actors. Among others, he/she ensures Tdh’srepresentation at Ministry and local level, and before legal and judicial stakeholders. He/she technically supportsTdh staff on Legal aspects of the programs and creates/adapt the technical tools on Juvenile Justice (guidelines, manuals, adapted monitoring tools, etc), in order to ensures a qualitativeimplementation of Juvenile Justice activities and particularly legal awareness and advocacy, coordination between formal actors and judicial Customary systems, Capacity building of community and judicial actors in the field of expertise. He/she is also in charge of providing legal advice to the delegation when needed.

The incumbent commits to observe discretion on any information related to the organization functioning.

The incumbent will conduct his or her duties in respect of the Charter of Terre des hommes (Tdh) and TdhChild Safeguarding Policy.

Tdh intervenes without any affiliation for politics, religion or financial profit. The incumbent will direct his or her activities and engagements without preoccupation of political, racial or religious affiliation.

Tdh expects that its staff and contractors’ professional conduct reflect proper behaviour in accordance with local culture and traditions. The incumbent assures the moral protection of the name of Tdh and defends in all circumstances the interests of the movement.

1. Responsibilities

Line management

· Report to the Juvenile Justice Project Manager.

Strategy and Policy

· Contribute to the development of the mission's intervention strategies with the coordination and management team.

· Make sure that Tdh strategy and policy are implemented in his/her field.

· Fully understand the operational plan and logical framework of the Juvenile Justice project

Supervision of the Legal and Judicial activities

· According to the program strategic documents and work plans, directly implement and support the field teams in the implementation and quality of all legal or judicial activities and all geographical locations

· Supervise the correct use of reporting and monitoring tools by the field teams and partners (CBO volunteers and TRC staff)

· On a regular basis, exchange with the field staff and partners (volunteers &TRCs’ staff) about the difficulties met and about the children involvement in the activities, thanks to field visits related to the activities implemented

· Support the team in all other tasks as required by his/her manager and the needs of the Delegation

Technical support on Legal and Juvenile Justice

· Technically support the delegation in the creation of technical supportive materials, in all aspects of the program on legal aspects (guidelines, manuals, adapted monitoring tools, awareness materials, etc)

· Ensure the legal monitoring of the policies andJudicial procedures in Jordan and internationally, particularly on the Juvenile Justice sector

· In collaboration with Judicial stakeholders, ensure the identification of needs and gaps regarding the implementation of juvenile justice policies in Jordan in order to feed the strategic orientation of the juvenile justice program

· Identify and share information, research, best practice on the project and the tools relevant to his/her field with the project manager and the Delegation

· Initiate discussions on the improvements to be made to the Juvenile Justice sector

Capacity building, Advocacy and Awareness

· Support the development of training curricula on Legal and Juvenile Justice field

· Ensure that Tdh staff, Tdh Partners and the Juvenile Justice stakeholders implementing legal activities are well trained on Legal and Juvenile Justice principles

· Identify the training needs of Tdh staff, Tdh Partners and the Juvenile Justice stakeholders and update them on a regular basis.

· Ensure the monitoring of the training provided by regularly

· Facilitate and undertake training of trainers in the areas of expertise

· Support the exchange of capacity building tools across the MENA region

· In coordination with the other members of the team and under the JJPM, develop a capacity building plan for Tdh staff, Tdh Partners and the Juvenile Justice stakeholders

· Identify the needs of capacity building of the formal actors and customary actors

· In coordination with the Juvenile Justice team, ensure the implementation of the capacity building plan

· Develop, organize and animate training sessions or workshops on Juvenile Justice thematic (CP, children rights, restorative approach, alternative to detention, etc)

· Develop, organize and animate awareness sessions and advocacy papers, messages or campaigns, in collaboration with other relevant agencies

· Attend and facilitate workshops, regarding the other activities related to Juvenile Justice

Representation and Coordination

· Under the supervision and in collaboration with the JJPM, ensure Tdh’s representation before national entities (Ministry of Justice, Judicial Council, Juvenile Police Department, and other national and local legal and Judicial stakeholders) and ensure a smooth coordination and collaboration

· Ensure regular and structured coordination between legal stakeholders, formal and customary judicial actors, according to Tdh’s IJS strategy

· Identify new national and international partners

· Attend coordination meeting that are held on a regular basis.

· Upon request and under the supervision of JJPM,, attend meetings with authorities

· Identify positive and innovative experiences related to his/her field and share them with his/her peers and manager.

· Provide representative support with the local players at the request of the Country Representative and the Project Manager.

· Able to present to stakeholders the project, the mission and Tdh's principles.

· In general, make sure that a positive and professional image of the foundation is conveyed. In particular, ensure that the foundation's mandate, ethics, values and views are followed in relation to third party.

· Build up a relational network with the other organizations which operate in the same field of activity.

Situation analysis, research, innovation

· Design and conduct situation analysis in collaboration with the Juvenile Justice PM and Tdh Regional office and Delegations

· Design the flowchart of the juvenile justice procedural systems (formal and customary) and of the community dispute resolutions, identify the correlations between the different systems

· Support the coordination of Customary Justice Systems and formal judicial actors

· Identify and develop partnerships with research Institutes, Research Department in Universities, etc

· Compile and analyses the good practices and lessons learned from the activities implemented

· Initiate researches, design, conduct or provide technical support upon request to researches at national and regional level

Coordination with other countries in the MENA region

· In coordination with the other countries of the MENA region and in accordance with the IJS strategy, file and maintain Tdh Customary Justice System database through monthly interviews with Customary Justice actors,

· Coordinate with the M&E and Juvenile Justice research and communication officer for the development of visual reports

· Provide Juvenile Justice Project Manager with monthly action plans and specific reports when required.

· Provide monthly report (Sitrep) on Tdh template about achievements and work plans including both qualitative and quantitative data

· Participate in the data analysis and reporting (internal and to donors, proposal writing, etc…)


· Monthly report to the JJPM on the achievements of the month in his/her field of intervention, according to the SITREP template of the delegation including both qualitative and quantitative data.

· Share the reporting tools with the JJPM in order to regularly feed in the project Monitoring tools

· Support the JJPM in the analysis of the data collected

· Provide JJ Project Manager with monthly action plans.

· Support the JJPM with the donor’s reporting and the development of analysis on the technical achievements

Admin / Legal / Logistics

· Support the Delegation by providing legal support and advice on administrative and legal issues encountered by the delegation, in collaboration with the Country Representative, the Administrative and Finance Coordinator and the Human Resources department

· Liaise with external legal agency if needed and required by the Country Representative

· Know the Tdh administrative and logistics rules and procedures and realize project activities in line with these procedures


· Respect the budget implementation as defined by the Juvenile Justice Project Manager.


· Make sure to respect strict confidentiality of information about activities, Tdh strategy, budget, staff, beneficiaries, etc.


· Comply with Tdh Security Regulations.

· Inform and share any incident or information related to the security of staff and beneficiaries to the line- Manager.

Safeguarding Policy

· Commit to respect the Tdh Safeguarding Policy and principles of child protection;

· Commit to ensure the best implementation possible of the Safeguarding Policy in Jordan;

· Commit to inform Child Safeguarding Focal Point and to deal with any cases, allegations, or possibility of transgression, even potential, of the Safeguarding Policy.


· Undertake all other duties that may be requested by the line-manager according to the need of the delegation.

2. Requirement for the position


  • Mandatory experience in the field of Juvenile Justice
  • At least3 years experiences in INGO, NGO at officer level
  • Experience in high level representation and coordination
  • Experience in advocacy and awareness

  • Experience in capacity building and training, experience in designing and animating workshops


· Mandatory university degree in law

Personal and technical skills:

  • Mandatory fluent in English and Arabic
  • Excellent report writing skills
  • Good communication and negotiation skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Understanding and commitment to child’s rights and child protection issues
  • Flexible, willing to travel
  • Good computer skills
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Sense of humor , dynamic, pro-active

How to apply:

you can send your CV along with a cover letter to the following email address, please mention the position title " Legal Project Officer " in the subject :