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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Compensation & Benefits Review

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Organization: War Child UK
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Closing date: 11 Jun 2017

About us

War Child (WC) is an International charity with national and international employees working in the UK, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen and Uganda.

WC aims to attract and retain the best people to deliver high quality support to children. To enable us to do this, we need to adopt a more fit for purpose compensation and benefits policy, that allows us to competitively pay, provide incentives, and reward our people with targeted and valued benefits. WC is going through a transition of change, including the creation of a global shared platform, which requires more out of the box and global thinking when it comes to remunerating our people.


The objective is to draw up a Compensation and Benefits policy for WC, with the aim to integrate the organisation’s values and sufficient flexibility to adapt to the long-term growth vision.

The policy should:

  • Be written in easy to understand language;
  • Encompass visual and descriptive elements;
  • Be brief and concise, excluding any references to process, procedure, best practice or guidelines (which may be drawn up separately).


  • Determine a new base salary structure;
  • Include a reference guide to determine job levels and where they fit within the new structure (this includes reviewing existing job functions and levels);
  • Review the existing benefits (of which most have only recently been established), and evaluate if they are fit for purpose:
  • Propose new or additional fit for purpose benefits;Review existing and propose new principles for progression.
  • Consider the extent to which salary progression should be linked to performance reviews

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How to apply:

Please submit your proposal to us with the email title as ‘Compensation & Benefits Review’ to

Only shortlisted providers will be contacted.