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Uganda: Country Manager – Uganda

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: Handicap International
Country: Uganda
Closing date: 21 May 2017


Outraged by the injustice faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, we aspire to a world of solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences, where everyone can live in dignity. Handicap International is an independent and impartial aid and development organisation working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside disabled and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

For further information about the association:

Present in more than 55 countries, Handicap International is composed of 2 operational directions:

  • The Direction of Humanitarian Action (DAH)
  • The Direction of Development Action (DAD)

HI is opening the position of Country Manager in Uganda in order to be part of the response and in particularly to coordinate teams analyzing and responding to needs emerging due to 1) the current drought and food crisis and 2) displacement of thousands of South Sudanese, fleeing the conflict in their country and seeking refuge in Northern Uganda.


HI wishes to analyze the humanitarian situation in Northern Uganda, and is thus launching a multi-sectorial assessment in Northern Uganda. To gather needed information, a team composed of an Emergency Assessment Coordinator, two Project Managers (Basic Needs and Specific Needs) and a Logistician will have the responsibility to:

  • Identify the needs of affected population (at households and individuals levels);
  • Analyze the type and levels of vulnerability of affected population, in particular South-Sudanese refugees, drought refugees and internally displaced populations;
  • Meet authorities in order to raise acceptance of HI in the area and present our strategy and organization
  • Map the different stakeholders involved into the response (NGO, INGOS, IO, Ugandans’ structures, etc.), and analyze their capacities;
  • Identify and analyze remaining gaps in the response to affected-population’s needs;
  • Identify external constrains to be taken into consideration while implementing project (related to security, admin/finance, logistics, human resources);
  • Analyze the added-value of HI to cover these sectors; and put forward recommendations in terms of intervention
  • Elaborate related Concept Notes, proposals and budgets
  • Meet donors to identify funding opportunities and present our strategy
  • Implement immediate actions when decided so Following this multi-sectorial assessment;

HI will launch, implement and follow-up projects to address the needs of affected population. The Country Manager will thus replace the “Emergency Assessment Coordinator” and will have the responsibility to coordinate the launching phase of the different projects in Northern Uganda.


Under the overall supervision of the Regional Programme Director (RPD) and delegated management from other members of the RCT, the Country Manager has the key responsibility to coordinate and ensure the successful development and optimal implementation of HI’s Regional strategy.

The main goal of the mission in the next future is to :

1) further build on the mission and its actions in line with the new Regional Programme Framework Strategy - while 2) responding in the same time to the needs appearing in Uganda and the region.

  • Responsibility 1: Strategic planning and project development
  • Responsibility 2: Lead, coordinate and supervise the implementation the projects
  • Responsibility 3: Human resources, financial, administration, logistics and security management
  • Responsibility 4: Coordination and liaison with partners and stakeholders
  • Responsibility 5: Monitoring and reporting

Line-manager: Desk manager (HQ) Funding body(ies): 1212 /Fundraising ongoing
Size of budget managed: 50-100 000 Euros Size of team: 3 persons
Number of persons directly managed: 3


-Qualifications/training: Bachelor’s or master’s degree (Political Science, IFAID, etc.) or a degree in project management (Bioforce, etc.


  • 3 or 4 years of experience in humanitarian emergency contexts
  • 2 or 3 years of professional experience in coordinating humanitarian projects or as a field coordinator or Head of Mission.
  • Participation in or managing of an operational strategy definition of a project
  • Experience working in Eastern African context and in development (Desirable)


  • Analysis and humanitarian surveillance.
  • Knowledge of emergency preparedness and ability to skill-transfer in emergencies.
  • Participation and/or implementation of the operational strategy.
  • Knowledge about emergency funding donors.
  • Project design and management of multidisciplinary teams.
  • English mandatory.
  • IT skills (Microsoft Windows)

Personal qualities

  • Capacity to work under pressure and in a context of permanent insecurity.
  • Sense of priorities and of responsibilities, strong organizational capacity.
  • Strong ability to work, rigor, practicality.
  • Autonomy and sense of teamwork
  • Sincere motivation for the humanitarian engagement.
  • Sense of humor.


  • Starting date : ASAP
  • Length of the contract: 3 months
  • Salary from 2970 € (gross) / month regarding the experience of the candidate
  • Perdiem : 517 (net) • Insurances : medical hearth coverage, retirement planning, repatriation
  • Paid holiday : 25 days per year + R&R (1 day per month)
  • Status : unaccompanied position
  • Accomodation: hotel

How to apply: