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Turkey: Senior Accountant, Fluent in English and Arabic

NGO/UN Job Vacancy

Organization: Gopa Worldwide Consultants
Country: Turkey
Closing date: 02 Jun 2017

GOPA Consultants are searching for an appropriate candidate with a technical background for the position of the Senior Accountant.

Please find below the ToR specifying the key responsibilities as well as the required qualifications.

  1. Duties and Responsibilities


The Accountant is responsible for maintaining the budget, recording and reflecting fully, accurately, clearly and in a timely manner the funds that are allocated and the disbursements made to support project implementation, in accordance with the approved documents and the liquidation of expenditures on an annual and quarterly basis as well as upon project termination.

The incumbent shall carry out tasks assigned to him by the Head of Finance Department on project related works and operational issues.

  1. Specific responsibilities and duties include:

  2. Maintain the daily bookkeeping of the accounts according to Finance and Operations Manuals;

  3. Assist the FSH in budget related tasks;

  4. Assist the FSH in the preparation of financial statements and reports to Fund stakeholders, Trustee and Auditors;

  5. Assist in training implementing entities in financial funds management and using financial reporting procedures and templates properly and timely;

  6. Prepare the detailed monthly reporting and supporting documentation; and

  7. Provide and support all required documents for the semi-annual audit.

  8. Maintenance of the proper filing system for finance records and documents according to the Budget Line for each project

  9. Maintenance of the internal expenditures control system which ensures that vouchers processed are matched and completed, transactions are correctly recorded and posted

  10. General Competencies

  11. Organization Awareness: knowledge and understanding of risk factors associated with project implementation in conflict environment, and capacity to identify solutions against or minimizing effect of such factors and events

  12. Mobilization of resources

  13. Understanding and sound judgment in multi-cultural work space;

  14. Good communication skills and ability to negotiate and report on project financial issues

  15. Team Building

  16. Accountability

  17. Certificate in Accounting Practice

  18. Monitor and collect data to assess accuracy and integrity; analyze data; ensure compliance with applicable standards, rules, regulations and systems of internal control;

  19. interpret and evaluate results, prepare documentation; create financial reports and/or

  20. Presentations.

  21. Clearly and concisely convey information

  22. Managerial and Technical Competencies

  23. Ability to communicate, motivate, manage and coordinate project related work in a multi- cultural team to deliver quality work and meet tight schedules under stressful environment, and a varied cultural context

  24. Capacity to establish priorities, address project issues and needs of project within the overall focus of the Program for recovery and reconstruction;

  25. Demonstrate trust and confidence in team-work and provide timely response and reporting to his/her supervisor

  26. Reporting

  27. Establish a robust project accounting system, including reporting and filling systems, in accordance with the project document and procedures;

  28. Maintain petty cash transactions, including writing receipts, preparing payment request forms, disbursement of cash and clearance of advances;

  29. Manage banking transactions related to the project, including preparing bank transfer requests, submitting them to the bank, monitoring transfers and preparing monthly bank reconciliation statements and reporting;

  30. Reconcile all balance sheet accounts and maintain records on file;

  31. Prepare project financial reports

  32. Supervision and guidance received

  33. The Incumbent shall work under the direct supervision and reports directly to the Finance Section Head;

  34. The Incumbent shall collaborate with and coordinate on project issues with other Sector on tasks assigned to him/her by the FSH.

  35. Qualifications/Experience/Language

  36. University degree in Accounting or Finance

  37. Minimum 5-years professional experience in international NGOs or companies

  38. Solid understanding and knowledge of GAAP/IFRS

  39. Knowledge of accounting and reporting software; Experience with QuickBooks is favorable;

  40. Ability and desire to translate complex financial concepts to individuals at all levels including finance and non-finance managers;

  41. Computer literacy in basic software applications, (Microsoft office, etc.),

  42. Proficiency in Turkish and English languages is required.

  43. Duration of Assignment

Long- term contract with a 3-month probation period.

How to apply:

How to apply

If you are interested in the assignment, please kindly send your application in English language via email to

The application should include the following documents and information:

  • Your CV in English language. EU- or KfW-format is preferred, any other format would be also accepted;
  • A list of reference persons with contact details, if not included in the CV already.

Candidates who are considered for further evaluation and for recommendation to the client will be notified within three weeks after reception of the application.

Please kindly understand that all other candidates will not be notified.

For information on GOPA Consultants please kindly refer to and